Leigh Anne’s Poems

Leigh Anne is a poet (and her feet show it they’re longfellows!) 🙂

Here is a sample of her poetry. I am told they are sonnets:


White-out, the temporary fix to man,

Black-out, the temporary hideout, yes?

Try to fix, try to hide it if you can

Haven’t you ever heard, give more take less?

To try and fix, to try and hide per say,

Is only to be weak and struggle so,

Yet, bother to think in the vast array,

It is a choice to stand tall or hang low.

Most follow the norm and so it is yet

Individuality is yet lost.

Something now most people want to forget

They make the choice to pay the higher cost.

So I urge to stand true, so proud and tall

Don’t white it out! Don’t black it out! Never Fall!

Rhode Island

Rhode Island, ha, what a name yet it be

A road, nor an island, but then yet both.

Roads lead somewhere always, so, don’t you see?

To follow a road one must first take oath.

If no oath, then isolate you it will

To be isolated is island life.

Life with no roads, no escape, until,

One oaths to get off the island with strife.

The oath to follow the only road be

Your choice to get off the island it must

No one else can do for you to be free.

Live on the island or strive with such just.

A name it may be, or so it seems,

One that has meaning that thought yet redeems.

More Poems by Leigh Anne:

Don’t Split Your Pants

2 Responses to Leigh Anne’s Poems

  1. I stumbled upon this page while surfing and I can say it’s worth the time I spent on it. Keep it up! You can be sure that I’ll be back for more.

  2. José Manuel F. Ortega Ramírez says:

    Leigh es una creadora innata. Tuve la suerte de ser su PADRE en Chile.¡FELICITACIONES!!

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