Longing & Waiting

undefinedI have the great honor to be able to serve mass every week in our parish.  These masses have been both private and, most recently, public with the usual guidelines to follow.  After every mass I find myself saying, “wow that mass was weird/tough.”  Don’t get me wrong, the mass is a great joyful occasion because God is present and we get to receive Him and fill ourselves with His grace, mercy, and love.  I am thankful for this Holy Feast every time I serve.

The mass, however in these unusual days, has also been tough and weird because the people of God are missing.  Their spirits are there but their bodies are missing.  This weekend the people were present! What a time to rejoice!  But, I did not get to shake any hands nor see one single smile that expressed their joy of being present at the mass.  This felt weird.  

Today in mass, I also witnessed a young boy cry.  Why was he crying? He was crying because he is waiting.  He was crying because he longs for Jesus.  He was crying because he knows the date for his first communion has passed and he must wait again.  In that young boy I saw the tears of an entire faith community.  I saw the tears of Christians all over the world that long for Jesus and must wait.  I saw the tears of families because of missed celebrations and graduations.  I saw the tears of priests who long to share the mass with the communities they serve.  I saw the tears of children who do not understand why they cannot go to school and miss their friends.  

I remember waiting for my first communion.  Even though I was 27 at the time, waiting was extremely hard.  I remember longing for the body of Christ and counting down the days till I could say the word AMEN while putting out my hand to receive Him.  My day arrived in 2015.  This boy’s time will also arrive.  I pray to God that this day happens, I pray that this day comes soon, and what joy there will be when that young boy will finally be able to stick out his hands and say AMEN while receiving the body of Christ.  First communion cannot get here soon enough.  


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2 Responses to Longing & Waiting

  1. Nanelle Kiser says:

    Well written, Ryan! Look at their eyes, you will see if they are praising God or hurting. Jesus shines through their eyes.

  2. Diane McLain says:

    This makes my heart so sad and at the same time joyful that At such a young age, Miles feels the need and desire to receive Jesus! What wonderful parents he has to instill this in him. Thank you for the beautiful words of how it touches your heart!!

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