From the Desert to the Ark, to the Resurrection

Today we have a guest Mary Mail from my son, Ryan, who is a seminarian at St. Meinrad, Indiana.


From the Desert to the Ark, to the Resurrection

Remember the two greatest commandments? They seem so simple.

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,

with all your soul,

with all your mind,

and with all your strength.

You shall love your neighbor as yourself. (Mk 12: 29-31)

These commandments, however, are not simple.  They require a complete surrendering of oneself first to God and then to your neighbor.  

The image of “the desert” is traditionally used during the season of Lent.  It is an image that brings to mind isolation from the world. We give up things and empty ourselves to embrace this desert and it is there that we prepare for the rising of Christ during Holy Saturday.  

However, this year has not been a typical Lent.  For many of us, this Lent and Holy Saturday will be an entirely spiritual exercise that requires us to rely completely on God. What about Noah?  What was his Lent like?

He secluded his family in the ark

They protected themselves from an outside threat

They worked hard

They reflected and prayed

They relied completely on God

Jesus is coming!


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