The King’s Men

Teague and I just finished praying Morning Prayer with Ryan and his fellow seminarians. I’m guessing there were over one hundred men in the room. Incense filled the room and rose up to the Lord along with our prayers. The Morning Prayer was chanted, and the room full of male voices filled the room as the sunrise came through the windows of the chapel. This is a Holy place.

As I prayed, I thought about how blessed I was to be in such a place, and the places I have been because of Him. How many years ago, I cannot remember. I was sitting at our kitchen table reading my Bible and praying. In my prayers, I prayed a verse from Isaiah, “Here I am Lord, send me.” Little did I realize that I would go places like Camp Alphie and Panhandle State University, or worship in cathedrals at Santa Fe, Baltimore, St. Louis, Denver, and Ft. Worth. I could never have dreamed of going to Mexico to learn Spanish and experience the richness of the Mexican culture. I certainly would have never even thought thatI would be serving at mass at Cristo Redentor across from Allsups in Gruver. 

And today, we are here at St. Meinrad Seminary visiting Ryan. It is here that men are preparing to become priests. In today’s world, I’m certain they will face ridicule and persecution. The path they have been called to is not for the feint of heart. To be a priest requires a strong will and courageous heart. These men are being prepared to go out into the world. A world filled with sin and pain.

But today, they are on top of a hill. Surrounded by the beauty of God’s creation. Today, they are with like-minded people. Each has heard and is in the process of answering the call of the Lord. Each one has in a sense prayed the verse from Isaiah, “Here I am Lord, send me.” They are here to serve the King of Kings.

They are the King’s men.54437142_10215705665013174_5691668945304551424_n

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