Are you comfortable?

Photo by Susan Newbauer

He is risen! Alleluia!

The season of Lent is behind us, and the celebration of the Easter season has begun. I want to thank you for accompanying me on this Lenten reflection journey. Many times, I had to make myself sit down at the keyboard. Many times, I felt like I didn’t have anything to say, nevertheless it was good for me. Your many comments and kind words of encouragement are always a great blessing to me.

Lent is a time to shake us out of the normalness of life. Many of the Lenten practices make me uncomfortable, such as fasting, abstaining from meat on Fridays, and making a Lenten promise. The Church just finished celebrating the Easter Triduum. The celebration begins on Holy Thursday and concludes at the Easter Vigil on Saturday night. There are many things about the Triduum that make me uncomfortable. Things like washing of the feet, venerating the Cross, the reading of the Passion, a service that begins and ends in silence, the priest prostrating on the floor, the many times we kneel and stand in the prayers of intersession, being clothed in darkness at the beginning of the Vigil, the many readings at the Vigil (and they’re long too), and for our parish the Triduum is bilingual. I’m uncomfortable with it all.

But if I listen to the readings, the psalms, and the prayers, I hear of a people of God that is not comfortable either, from the Israelites exodus and wandering in the desert to the fear that overcame the followers during the Passion of Christ and the Resurrection. Following Jesus is not about being comfortable. In fact, if I am feeling comfortable in my faith, maybe I should ask myself, “Why”?

May the Lord bless you during this Easter season, and may we all get uncomfortable together.


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