We’re closer than we think we are

I heard a news story about some of the Boston Marathon bombing survivors and victims. It talked about how they are coping with the tragedy. How they are helping one another, and receiving help from friends. During the story an observation was made that some of the families had connections before the bombing that they hadn’t realized, and one of the men made the statement, “We’re closer than we think we are.”

Last night was the Chrism Mass in the Amarillo Diocese. All of the priests, deacons, religious, and laity came together to show support for the priests. The priests renew their baptism vows and a vow to the bishop, and the bishop blesses the oils that will be used at all the parishes in the diocese. It is a beautiful ceremony that has happened for centuries.

A woman sat down beside me, and we greeted one another. She was visiting Amarillo on retreat, and she was Santa Fe, New Mexico. Teague leaned over and told me that she recognized her. On drive home, we decided that we must have seen her at mass in Santa Fe sometime.

St. Mary’s Cathedral was full. There were many people that we knew, and many we didn’t know. As we drove home late last night, I thought, “Why do we go? Why do we make this drive right after work and celebrate a two hour mass, and turn around and drive back home?” I’m tired this morning, and I have a full day ahead.

As we walked out of the cathedral, Teague asked if I had got to talk to everyone that I wanted to. I told her that was impossible, but I did get to see them even if from afar. That alone was enough. You see the Chrism Mass as is every mass is also about unity. The people united in Christ. Just our presence was a sign of that unity.

We are closer than we think we are.



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