Two Natures

Two natures beat within my breast,

One is foul, the other blest,

The one I love, the one I hate,

The one I feed will dominate. 

I received this poem on a card when I attended at Walk to Emmaus. Yesterday, I was watching a Ted Talk titled “David Brooks: Should you live for your resume… or your eulogy?” In the talk, Mr. Brooks speaks as our two natures as Adam 1 and Adam 2. Adam 1 is bent on success, and Adam 2 looks at the deeper things in life and after life. Adam 1 lives for today; Adam 2 lives for eternity.

He says that one way to help develop our Adam 2 nature is to look deep in our past and identify and recognize that sin, that deep sin in our life. Once it is recognized and confessed, we are then able to grow from it. Our Adam 2 nature develops not from our strengths but from our weaknesses.

Before my first confession, the priest told me not to try and remember every sin that I had committed in the past forty years. He advised me to reflect upon the sin that I had committed and from where my other sins were rooted. As I reflected, I was taken back in time, when I was a young boy, and I remembered the sin I committed. I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway. At the moment I was doing it, it seemed to give me pleasure. That’s how sin works. It seems pleasurable for a fleeting moment, but it can scar you for the rest of your life.

But just like a wound that has healed. A sin that has been forgiven and healed can be your strength.


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