She makes rosaries.

Photo Mar 26, 6 38 40 AMI came home from a youth retreat in 2002, and I had been given a beautiful handmade rope rosary. Teague really liked it, and she wanted to learn how to make one. I think it was Richard that taught her how to make her first rosary, and she has been making them ever since. Teague normally makes them when we are on Retrouvaille Weekends and Deacon formation weekends.

At first, when someone sees Teague making her rosaries, they don’t know what she doing. Finally a curious soul will ask her, and she is happy to show them the rosaries she is making. All a person has to do is ask, and she will gladly give them one. Rosemary liked taking her rope rosary to the hospital when she had to get an MRI. Since it wasn’t metal, she could pray it while she was going through the machine. When Teague gives a rosary to someone, she always has a pamphlet on how to pray the rosary to go with it. She has them in English and in Spanish. She wants people to be able to pray in their own language. There is no telling how many hundreds of rosaries Teague has made and given away.

When praying the rosary, one meditates on the mysteries of Christ. There are the Five Joyful Mysteries, Five Sorrowful Mysteries, Five Glorious Mysteries, and the Five Luminous Mysteries. If you were to pray the rosary Monday through Thursday, you would meditate on the life of Christ at least once a week.

What a beautiful thing to do.


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