It Matters

I’ve been watching a TV series called “Breaking Bad”. The plot of the series is that a high school science turns into a meth cook and drug kingpin. Wholesome is not the way I would describe it. One thing that has struck me as I have watched is how one person’s sin spreads to those all around him. Even to people they don’t even know. In one instance of “Breaking Bad” the main character, Walt, had the opportunity to save a young woman from dying while she was choking on her vomit from a drug induced coma. Walt didn’t save her out of selfish motives. The young ladies father was in serious mourning, and was still in remorse and depression as he returned to his job as an air traffic controller. While on his watch, two planes collided and many people were killed, all because of one man’s sin.

It’s interesting to reflect on decisions that we make in our lives and what comes out of them later because of the choice that we have made. I think of the choice that I made over ten years ago when Papoo called me up and told me to start writing a newsletter, and Mary Mail came about. What a blessing it has been to me!

How many times have I said, “yes” to something and blessings have resulted? How many times have I sinned and others have been hurt? People I don’t even know…


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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