The Gifts

We began our morning at St. Hyacinth Catholic Church in Deere Park. It was down the road from our hotel. The 8:00 AM mass had a nice crowd. Teague and I found a seat and began to prepare for worship. One of the ushers came and asked me if we would give them the honor of presenting the gifts. Teague and I were caught a little off guard, since we were just visitors. I remembered the first time we as a family were asked to present the gifts at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Spearman. I felt honored and humbled at the same time, as we brought forward the gifts of bread and wine to the Eucharistic banquet.

As Fr. Reginald prayed the prayers of consecration, thunder began to rumble, and we could hear as the rain poured. The Lord was truly with us.

After mass, Teague and I began our journey to New Orleans. We both enjoyed the drive as we took in the scenery. As we were driving, Teague’s memory was stirred. She recalled trips to Mobile with her family and her grandfather. The roads she remembered driving were narrow, and when they got behind a lumber truck everyone’s patience was tested, especially granddaddy’s. It’s a testament to engineering and construction to drive on a highway built over the swampland.

We checked into our hotel, and went to the restaurant for dinner. We were a little early, so we sat at the corner of the bar. We met a farmer of sorts. His family grew grapes in the Napa Valley area, and he was a winemaker. We had the most enjoyable visit with him. Sharing a table and a drink with someone is a special experience. I think we could even call it a gift.

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