Mahi Mahi

My spring break starts today. I don’t think I was this happy as a kid when school let out for summer break. My carpooler and I were “raising the roof” as we drove home yesterday afternoon.

Last night, we enjoyed an evening with our old friends, Luke and Julie. There was a time in our lives when we got to see Luke and Julie at least once a week. We were the part of a small group that came together and shared our faith, sang, and prayed together.

We don’t get to see Luke and Julie as often today. Our lives don’t intersect as much as they used to. Last night, consisted of good food and conversation. Julie prepared a gourmet meal featuring mahi mahi, and we enjoyed it on fine china. We do what most couples do. We asked about each other’s kids.

I couldn’t help but think about the book The Hungry Soul: Eating and the Perfecting of Our Nature by Leon Kass as we enjoyed our evening. “The Hungry Soul is a fascinating exploration of the natural and cultural act of eating. Kass brilliantly relates how the various aspects of this phenomenon, and the customs, ritual, and taboos surrounding it, reveal universal and profound truths about the human animal and its deepest yearnings.” (Back Cover)

“Beasts feed: man eats: the man of intellect alone knows how to eat” (Brillat Savarin). Dining together is more than just eating. It is the sharing of our lives with one another.

Last night we didn’t just eat, we dined.


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