A Day

Ryan suggested yesterday that I didn’t have to reach for the spiritual in all of my writings, and that some readers might just enjoy hearing about my day.

Yesterday, I woke up about 5:00 AM (Yes, that’s somewhat a normal wakeup for me.) I checked some email and browsed my iPad for about an hour. I then finished reading the book of Exodus. By then Teague was up, and we prayed Morning Prayer. I had a little breakfast, and read the paper.

Teague had informed me that we had tiny water leak under the kitchen sink, and a light had fell down from the ceiling a couple of weeks ago, so I decided that I would try and tackle both projects. Being a handy man is not one of my gifts, and Teague gets a little anxious when I try and fix something around the house. This is when I am at my weakest because if I’m not careful frustration and anger can take a hold of me before I know it.

I went to town, and took Teague’s car, so Mike at the Farm Supply could look at the tires. I ordered new tires, and then went across the street to the Lumber Yard. Ronnie knows how challenged I am in the home repair department, and he found all the necessary parts for me, and he even showed me how it would all go together.

While I was underneath the sink putting everything together, Ryan showed up. Teague made some awesome breakfast burritos that we enjoyed, and then he helped me put the light back up.

I caught up on some coursework for an economics class I am teaching online, wrote a reflection on the theme of water in the book of Exodus, and did a little reading. I turned on the TV and caught the second half of the Texas Tech and University of Texas basketball game. The Red Raiders won!

Teague and I got dressed for dinner and prayed Evening Prayer. We then went to Guymon and enjoyed dinner, drinks, and conversation with friends. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. It was truly and enjoyable evening.

While we were lying in bed, Teague and I talked about what a great day we had, and all it was was just one day.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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