Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Yesterday, I went to see my Spiritual Director. A Spiritual Director is a companion on the journey. He or she should be a man or woman mature in the faith. Possibly the best attribute of a director can have is that they are a good listener. I have had many people along my path that I have sought for spiritual direction including Protestant ministers, Catholic priests, grandmothers, neighbors, and friends of all ages.

We are not on this journey alone. Our Father has blessed us with many companions along the journey. Some of these companions are centuries old, and we have their wisdom preserved in the Bible and other books. We all need someone to listen to us, and we all need to hear the advise of good and holy counsel.

The first Spiritual Director for each of us is the Holy Spirit. He is our True Guide and Counselor. I need to seek His guidance and intersession each moment of every day. Ask the Holy Spirit for direction, and he might just speak to you through the words of a friend, neighbor, child, minister, priest, a book, or perhaps even an email.

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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