Answered Prayer

We pulled out of our drive at Gruver a little after 6 AM this past Sunday. Leigh Anne and I were headed to Austin. We were going to move her out of her apartment, and move her to Raymondville.

Leigh Anne was accepted into the Teach for America program, and she will be teaching English at the Raymondville ISD. I am excited for this new adventure in Leigh Anne’s life, but I am also a little anxious. Raymondville is in the Rio Grande Valley, which is at the opposite end of the state from Gruver, and we all know what a big state Texas is.

After our nine plus hour drive to Austin, we packed Leigh Anne’s stuff in her car and my dad’s pickup. I don’t know how many trips we made up and down the three flights of stairs, but I was feeling my age. Most everything was in boxes, so the packing and cleaning went quicker than I expected.

The next morning we headed out on our four-hour plus drive to the Rio Grande Valley. The vastness and beauty of Texas is a treasure to behold as we drove the entire length of the state from the plains of the Panhandle, through the West Texas ranches, the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, to the Gulf Shores of Padre Island. The grandeur of the creation is something I never get tired of gazing upon.

While Leigh Anne was taking care of business at the school, I decided to take a tour of the town. Leigh Anne needed a place to live, and for my peace of mind, I hoped that we could find her a safe place. I drove the streets and visited with an apartment manager. Finding a place wasn’t going to be easy. She gave me a lead to an apartment in nearby Harlingen, but that would mean a twenty mile commute.


I decided to see if I could find the church in town, so I looked it up on my phone and found the address. I drove up to Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. I went into the office and visited with the secretary. She gave me a lead on a house that someone was trying to rent. I then walked over to the grotto of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego, which is front of the church. I sat down on the bench and asked the Blessed Virgin and St. Juan Diego to help Leigh Anne and I find a safe place for her to live.

Shortly, Leigh Anne was out of her meeting, and we started driving around town; calling realtors and the number the church secretary had given us. We went to City Hall to see if they knew of any houses for rent; we struck out there. We then saw a realtor office and pulled in. Leigh Anne walked in the door and told him she needed a place to rent, and that she was a new teacher in town.

He immediately got on the phone and called his friend, and told him that he had a possible renter. The man came to the office to interview Leigh Anne. As I listened to him talk to Leigh Anne, it was reassuring that he cared about who lived in his little house. He took us to look at the place, and it was perfect! He told me that he would treat Leigh Anne like a daughter.

My prayers had been answered.


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