Today, the Church celebrates the feast of The Holy Family. Teague and I had the opportunity to celebrate at St. Joseph Parish in Cerrillos, New Mexico. Today’s readings focus on the family and at times spoke to me deeply. They talk of respecting your father, and I have to ask myself, “Have I?” The reading from Colossians warns fathers not to provoke their children. I have to admit that I am often a failure in this area, and it saddens me.

We are here celebrating family in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains outside of the city of Santa Fe. The Winger clan has gathered, and we are all under one roof. Sacrifices have been made by many to be here, and I have to admit there were times that I wasn’t always excited about coming. It’s not easy when you get this many people together, but grace and prayer can do amazing things, and I’ve witnessed it more than once this weekend.

Being a part of a family is not the easiest thing, but it is a great blessing, and I have observed multiple blessings here among the Winger clan. Dad was telling me this morning that he and Mom had a fun laying in bed last night just listening to everyone in the main room laughing as they played games and visited. Voices were recognized and blessings came down.

Family is important. The Church often refers to the family as the domestic church (CCC, 2204), and the family is the very foundation of society. Strong families are the foundation and backbone of society.

I am thankful for my family, and I pray that I will honor my parents, love my wife, and not provoke my children.


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