Psalm 110

The LORD says to you, my lord: “Take your throne at my righthand, while I make your enemies your footstool.”

2 The scepter of your sovereign might the LORD will extend from Zion. The LORD says: “Rule over your enemies!

3 Yours is princely power from the day of your birth. In holy splendor before the daystar, like the dew I begot you.”

4 The LORD has sworn and will not waver: “Like Melchizedek you are a priest forever.”

5 At your right hand is the Lord, who crushes kings on the day of wrath,

6 Who, robed in splendor, judges nations, crushes heads across the wide earth,

7 Who drinks from the brook by the wayside and thus holds high the head. (NAB)

I pray that I might drink from you O Lord. 

May I quench my thirst with your life giving water.


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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