Prayer from a Retrouvaille Weekend

We were at Retrouvaille this past weekend. There were couples there to rediscover their marriage. Join me as I continue to pray for the couples and weekends to come.


Come Holy Spirit

Fill this place

Soften our hearts

So that we may receive Your Grace


Come Holy Spirit

Be our guide

Descend on us now

And fill us inside


I give you thanks and praise O Lord

For the downpour of you mighty Grace

I pray for forgiveness

Help the couples to ask for forgiveness

And may they be open to Your forgiving Grace

Place the hope of forgiveness in our hearts

And may the power of Your forgiveness

Be felt in the marrow of our bones

Cast Satan and his evil spirits our of this place

Bind them with the rope of prayer

Send them our and fill the emptiness they have left

With Your Almighty and Powerful LOVE!

May You reign forever- Amen

I pray for the couple behind us!

I pray that they will let go

And forgive

And trust

And listen

And dialogue

May they cast away their negativity

And fill their hearts with hope

Come St. Michael

Defend us!

Come Angels of the Lord

Surround this place

Protect us from Evil

Bless us with Your presence

We humbly pray- Amen


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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