Psalm 74

12  Yet you, God, are my king from of old, winning victories throughout the earth.

13 You stirred up the sea in your might; you smashed the heads of the dragons on the waters.

14 You crushed the heads of Leviathan, tossed him for food to the sharks.

15 You opened up springs and torrents, brought dry land out of the primeval waters.

16 Yours the day and yours the night; you set the moon and sun in place.

17 You fixed all the limits of the earth; summer and winter you made.

18 Remember how the enemy has jeered, O LORD, how a foolish people has reviled your name.

19 Do not surrender to beasts those who praise you; do not forget forever the life of your afflicted.

20 Look to your covenant, for the land is filled with gloom; the pastures, with violence.

21 Let not the oppressed turn back in shame; may the poor and needy praise your name.

22 Arise, God, defend your cause; remember the constant jeers of the fools.

23 Do not ignore the clamor of your foes, the unceasing uproar of your enemies. (NAB)


We pray Father that the faith of our nation returns to You.


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