Psalm 72

2 O God, give your judgment to the king; your justice to the son of kings; That he may govern your people with justice, your oppressed with right judgment,

3 That the mountains may yield their bounty for the people, and the hills great abundance,

4 That he may defend the oppressed among the people, save the poor and crush the oppressor.

5 May he live as long as the sun endures, like the moon, through all generations.

6 May he be like rain coming down upon the fields, like showers watering the earth,

7 That abundance may flourish in his days, great bounty, till the moon be no more. (NAB)


Father, we ask you to bless our president and other government leaders with wisdom.

May they look to you for guidance as they lead our nation.

May our nation turn from its wicked ways and worship the Lord God Almighty.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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1 Response to Psalm 72

  1. Diane says:

    I love this psalm. It is one of my favorites. It is part of the Psalter Rosary we have done in our Rosary group.
    I agree with your prayer, Davin. Please, dear Lord, guide our government leaders that they will lead us to be a more “Christ- like” nation.

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