Archbishop Chaput urges confidence in the Gospel, as he goes to Philly :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

    • Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, who will soon leave the Archdiocese of Denver to become the new Archbishop of Philadelphia, says his new archdiocese could emerge stronger from recent troubles, by embracing the chance to live the Gospel “without compromise.”

    • “The Church in Philadelphia is at an important point in her life. It’s not a time to be embarrassed about what we believe,”

    • “The biggest challenge, not just in Philadelphia but everywhere, is to preach the Gospel in a way that captures the imagination of God’s people,”

    • He noted that the message of the resurrection is not a set of “powdered words,” but a “statement of fact” that should inform the Church’s response to any challenge. In this light, “what happens in the Church, even when it seems death-dealing, can be turned into a moment of resurrection.”

    • The archbishop also wants Philadelphia’s nickname – “the City of Brotherly Love” – to be an inspiration for his ministry, and not “just a good tourist slogan.”

    • Archbishop Chaput, whose 2008 book “Render Unto Caesar” addressed the role of faith in public life, says it “means a great deal” to be chosen by the Pope to lead the Church in the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

      • I look forward to reading this.
    • “I think the United States has been blessed by God in unique ways. Because of that blessing, America has a duty to be a blessing for the world and for all people,”

    • He believes that Catholics, whatever their background or political affiliation, can only act in the country’s best interest by putting their duties to God first.

    • In recent years, Archbishop Chaput has increased his efforts to help Catholics rediscover a sense of their own identity amid the confusions of modern culture. He sees Catholic politicians’ compromises, on issues such as abortion and same-sex “marriage,” as an outgrowth of a deeper secularization affecting the whole Church.

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