“Humanae Vitae” seen as an answer to the Economic crisis

A very timely article from Zenit. Some excerpts:

In other words, the crisis was born from the gradual loss of awareness of the dignity of the human person, which in the end is reduced to one problem: “Is man a child of God or the evolution of a bacteria?” Tedeschi asked. “And if the end justifies the means then, consequently, life has no meaning. The difference lies in the fact that, in the secular vision, life does not have a supernatural” dimension.

He considered how the wager was “on the growth of the GNP in a consumerist way, namely, with the reduction of births.”

This has resulted in the rapid growth of the number of elderly, who thus “cannot be endured from the economic point of view.”…

“The underlying challenge, therefore, is to reinforce the fundamental nucleus, the family,” he said. “Economic policies that ignore this divide the ethic of the economy. It is not a Catholic thesis, though we Catholics propose it forcefully.”

The Italian official also considered the educational challenge. It is not just a question of laws and economic aid, he suggested, but of having a proper concept of the person, the family and the business, elements that give life to the very foundation of action.


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