The Silent Struggle

Reflections from a Retrouvaille Marriage Weekend

The room was full,

But at the same time emptiness filled the air.

Couples had come for the weekend,

To work on their hurting marriage.

Some were embarrassed, some were angry,

Some were anxious, some were numb from the pain.

Yet, they were all engaged in a…

Silent Struggle.

Come Holy Spirit,

And share in the fight.

The struggle is private,

But the silence is breached.

The struggle has been proclaimed and shared,

And the Spirit has joined in the battle.

The battle rages

Together and alone

But not really alone,

Because the Spirit is always present.

And others are fighting at our side.

Holy Mary and the Saints have joined the fray!

There is light!

There is hope!

The weekend is over.

The struggle is still there.

But we are not alone!

We have one another.

We have God.

About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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