The Hand of God

My friend Kathy, over at Faith on the High Wire, tells how her children point out the beauty of God in His creation.

Her post, Mom, Look at the Clouds, brought back memories…

It was in the year 2000, and we were attending the Franklin Graham Festival at Dick Bivens Stadium in Amarillo. The festival was a big deal for the entire Texas Panhandle. Many churches had worked together to bring Graham, and we decided to go and witness the event. I remember being impressed at all the volunteers from all different denominations working together. I was even surprised when a Catholic priest led a prayer at the event.

My friend Mike and I were sitting on the grassy hill in the back of the end zone. Many of the children were having a grand time sliding on cardboard boxes down the grassy hill. Sometime during the event, Mike motioned for me to look up. There was a cloud hovering over the stadium, and it was a peculiar shape. Leigh Anne was with us and Mike asked Leigh Anne what it was.

Her answer, “The Hand of God.”


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