Earliest Memories

All I know is that I was still wearing diapers to sleep in.

Mom was putting my diaper on, and telling me that Darin and I would sleep in the car. I was in the back seat, and my little brother was in the front.

I remember sitting up and looking out the window. It was dark outside and trees were all around. Mom and Dad had a campfire going. Mom poured something on the fire, and it blazed high in the sky.

Years later…

“I’m running away from home!” I cried out. Dad had made me mad, and I wasn’t staying around. I asked Darin if he wanted to come. He declined. (Darin was never as dramatic or impulsive as I.)

As I was walking out the door, Dad said, “Don’t go past the corner.” (It was couple of hundred yards from the house. If we had lived in town he might have said, “Don’t go past the block.”)

It was warm out and the grass was green. I walked to the corner, and sat down. I was mad, and I sat there and thought.

I don’t know how much time passed before Mom and Dad drove up. Mom rolled down the window, and asked if I was ok. I mumbled out a, “Yeah.” She then told me that they both loved me, and then they drove away.


I got up and walked home in time for dinner.



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Former farmer, now college instructor
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