Foot Washing

“Hail to you, our King; you alone are compassionate with our faults.” (Verse before the Gospel)

Mary hadn’t been anointing Jesus’ feet very long before Judas began to rebuke her. Peter was incensed with Jesus when He wanted to wash Peter’s feet. What is it about foot washing that gets us in such a dither?

During the Mass on Holy Thursday, the washing of the disciples feet is reenacted. The priest washes the feet of some of the parishioners. When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, He was being a servant to them. That sounds kind of backwards doesn’t it? Shouldn’t we be serving God instead of Him serving us?

A couple of weeks ago I showed up at Nitro, and wouldn’t you know it, I hadn’t been there five minutes, and God had taken me out of my comfort zone. The leader for the night asked the adult leaders to wash one another’s feet and then later that night we would wash the feet of kids there. AWKWARD!

It reminded me of Holy Thursday of 2001 when I was being received into the Catholic Church. Before mass that Thursday evening, Deacon Jim Brown asked me if he could wash my feet.  I said yes and immediately began to get a little nervous and self-conscious.

When the time came, I went forward and sat in a chair. Jim got down on his knees and poured warm water on my feet and began to rub them. I remember looking down at him and closing my eyes and imagining that this was kind of like Jesus. It felt good. He then took a towel and carefully dried my feet, and then it happened. After Jim had finished drying my feet, he didn’t start to get up instead he started to move his head closer to my feet. I was a little confused. Jim kissed my feet. My breath left my body, and a cold shiver shook me all over.

Jesus had touched me.


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2 Responses to Foot Washing

  1. Brant Gear says:

    I like this story a lot, and have done things like this at church camps that I have sponsored. I love this so much because it shows me that my Savior and Lord is the best teacher I could ever hope for. He is in complete control of my entire world, although I try and not let Him be all to often. Jesus truely taught by example. To think that someone with all the power of the Heavens and the earth was willing to get down on His knees and wash feet. I can only imagine how dirty those feet must have been, no cars, walked for miles, and in sandals… I don’t think we could be shown a better example for how we should live with servant hearts. And not that I deserve it, but He even promised blessings for following His commands. What a mighty and awesome God we serve!

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