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Merry Christmas to all!

I am sitting here in Dallas writing this “Mary Mail” in Papoo’s office on his computer. There is something apropos about that since he is the reason I started writing “Mary Mail” to begin with.

It’s cold and snowy here in Dallas and the house is quiet (quite an unusual occurence for this house). Teague and I made our last run to the grocery store last night about 8:00 pm and the city was just about shut down. The Son of God once again has brought this city to a halt. Even those who don’t claim to believe in Him will have their life interrupted by Him today.

Once again I have been reminded of His love and majesty. During confession the priest reminded me to be patient and listen to Teague and the family and to pray for wisdom. After our arrival here in Dallas, one of the first things Noni asked me in our morning visit was if I had been praying for the family every day. I had to confess that I hadn’t.

The Christmas Eve Mass was beautiful, and I once again marveled at God’s love and mercy. The church was full of every race and age, and my heart was touched as a young crippled boy slowly made his way to the pew to sit with his father and brothers.

During communion we sang the song “Angels we have heard on High” and I was reminded of the first time I received the Body and Blood of Jesus at St. Jude’s in downtown Dallas.

About two thousand years ago God came into time. He was born of a lowly handmaid in a humble place. No matter how hard it tries, the world cannot deny Jesus, and whether it likes it or not it recognizes the birth of Christ the Lord and Savior.

It’s time  to put Christ back into my life. Maybe you could put Him into yours too. I’m going to try to listen to others, be patient, pray for wisdom, and pray for all of my family.

Merry Christmas!

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