“So brothers and sisters, what should you do? When you meet together, one person has a song, another person has a teaching, another person has a new truth from God, another person speaks in a different language, and another person interprets that language. The purpose of all these things should be to help the church, grow strong.” (I Cor 14: 26)


dsc00067I have been to Nitro the last couple of Monday nights, and last night I witnessed the verse above.


The night started out as usual. One of the teens opened the night welcoming any newcomers and giving them a traditional Nitro gift. A cross made from horseshoe nails. She then proceeded to explain the rules like “no talking when someone else is talking, the Bible is being read, or when someone is praying.”

We were then treated to a couple of girls that had written poems. The poems had come from their hearts, and were a result of their reflections on a previous Nitro when they had been challenged to be a voice for God.

A girl and boy then came up with their guitars, and led us in a couple of songs that they had been practicing. They were songs that we knew, but it was obvious to me that they had put a lot of practice in these songs, and they even expressed what the song meant to them personally.

Mark (that night’s adult leader) then asked if they had any songs that they had written themselves to share. The boy sang a song that he and his brother had written about their journey with God.

I was in awe. Were these the same kids that I have seen coming to Nitro over the past couple of years? I now was able to see the fruit of God’s work in their lives. They were awesome and this “old guy” was blessed greatly.

Nitro has been going on for about 10 years now. The faces have changed, but the presence of God has not. The current Nitro adult “Rock Stars” that I am thankful for are: Frank and Lucy, Richard and Jessica, Paul, and Mark.



“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring [the] good news!” (Rom 11: 15)

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