Reid and I at WTAMU GraduationWell, it’s that time of year. Classes are finishing. Speeches are given. Pictures are taken, and sighs of relief fill the air. The Winger household has been blessed by the joy of graduation this year. Ryan graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Psychology. Reid graduated from West Texas A&M with a degree in Business Administration, and I finished an MBA at West Texas. (Teague is going to think that she got a raise.) I am very proud of both boys, and the work that they have put in.


Ryan is employed for the summer at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch as an assistant to the Chaplin. He seems to be enjoying his job, and has even enjoyed perks such as getting paid to go to a Skillet concert.


Reid has just started working full time for GoldStar Trust Company in Canyon. He has been working there part time for the past couple of years. He is in the precious metals division and helps manage IRA accounts.


Little did I know that when I started taking my first graduate level theology class at Catholic Distance University in 2005 that I would be walking across the stage at West Texas A&M in 2009 to be “hooded” for an MBA.


Some of the things I have learned during this journey:

  • Hard work is just as important as intellect.
  • I am not as smart as I thought.
  • The more I know…the less I know.
  • Wasting time is a waste.
  • The world is getting smaller. (I have had people in online classes all over the USA and the world)
  • I am smarter than I thought.
  • Teachers that have challenged me have taught me the most.
  • I am blessed with a beautiful wife who has put up with my grade paranoia and encouraged me immensely along the way.


I am currently reading A Man for Others by Patricia Treech which is about St. Maximilian Kolbe. He was murdered by the Germans during World War II. Fr. Kolbe spoke of three stages of life: 1) the preparation for activity 2) activity itself 3) suffering. (Treech, 94) When I began the MA in Theology, I felt God was preparing me. For what, I hadn’t a clue.


Now I find myself blessed with an MBA, and hopefully I will finish the theology degree in a year. I am still clueless, but I am positive that God has been with me along the way. Perhaps He is preparing me for an activity.


Without Him I am nothing.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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