The Left Hand of God

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 5 Issue No 7 Date Jul. 26, 06

Summer camps are for sure the work of God, or at least the ones I have been a part of. This weekend Ryan and I had the honor and pleasure of helping with a group that took the love of God into a summer camp of kids that have cancer. These are kids that have cancer, the cancer is in remission, or has survived cancer. They go to camp like real kids for a week at a Methodist camping facility called Ceta Canyon. The camp is not “Christian” but is run by a lot of people that love and care about kids, and many if not all of them love Jesus too. Our group had the easy part, we went in for two programs, one on Monday evening and one on Tuesday evening culminating in a campfire time with singing, fun and some’ores. We tried to have fun, play, laugh, sing, and pray with the kids. It was an awesome time, but God is not finished…

While the kids are at camp, their parents are also relaxing at parent camp, and they are enjoying the things parents enjoy at a Bed and Breakfast close by. Many of them already know one another and they are really a support group for themselves. Monday night while we were playing, singing, doing skits, dancing, and praying. I had the honor of knowing some friends of mine were with the cancer kids parents sharing their experience of walking through the shadow of death. God was working…

Nitro was going on Monday night and the adult and student leadership was all in other places than Gruver. God provided some willing adults and some of the younger students to share in an evening of prayer for the things God was doing at Ceta Canyon and beyond. There was sharing, praying, and singing, and everything didn’t always go the smoothest. God heard and answered prayer…

Reid and Sheldon are at a Baptist run church camp with a group of younger boys. They are helping serve as counselors. The haunting story of “Armless Alex” has cast a eerie shadow over the camp. Everyone is beginning to get worried that they could have their arms snatched in the middle of the night if they don’t cross and hold them or sleep on top of them. Fish are being caught, swimming is refreshing all, arrows are shot, Bibles stories are read, and prayers are prayed. God is working…

Teague and Leigh Anne have been home a few days alone. They went shopping, put a new thermostat on the air conditioner to save money, enjoyed each other, and did some major house cleaning. He is everywhere…

I got home late. I am tired, but can’t sleep. The blessings just keep coming. It might even rain. He never stops…

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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