Allsup’s Gas Pump & The Post Office

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 5 Issue No 6 Date Jul. 13, 06

Gruver and the surrounding vicinity have been greatly blessed by rain over the past week. The crops, weeds, and people all seem too responded to this water of life given to us by the Grace of God.

As I was filling up with gas today, a local farmer shared with me the recent blessing he had. He was diagnosed with cancer and operated on. The doctors took out his bladder made him a new one out of some of his intestine. He certainly was not dwelling on some of the inconvenience, but on the great blessing of life which he seemed to be relishing in. What a great witness it was for me to hear of how God not only was working through him, but also the medical profession.

Down the road as I was picking up my mail a self described “dirt farmer” shared with me how he went to the prison once a month and visited with an inmate. He has been seeing the same one for some time and some type of bond is forming. He doesn’t do anything special like a Bible study or anything. He just visits with the prisoner who rarely, if ever gets visitors.

It was an honor and a blessing to witness the work of God through both of these men. I am glad I didn’t miss it in my hurriedness of life.

A friend called me today and asked me to pray about something. I was reminded once again what “Texas” Tim Weldon once told me, “Prayer is not the least we can do. It’s the most we can do. I will pray… and God will work… if you don’t believe me just stop and listen once and a while.


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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