Christ is King

dsc00303It has been quite the week. Sunday morning we went to Mass at Christ the King in Denver. Behind the alter was beautiful stained glass window of Jesus Christ as King. I am currently reading through the Passion narrative in the gospel of St. John and Christ as King is a prevailing theme throughout St. John’s writing. He is King whether I believe or not. Have I made Him my King?

I drove home from Denver Sunday afternoon while Teague and Leigh Anne stayed so Leigh Anne could finish her pulmonary testing at The National Jewish Health  Center. These people really know their business and have helped Leigh Anne bunches. I would encourage anyone to contact them if they are having problems with allergies, asthma, acid reflux, breathing, etc.

On the drive home I got to talk to Ryan and Reid and I got an unexpected call from one of my favorite priests Fr. Guillermo. He has been a great blessing in my life. Would you please pray for him?

Teague and Leigh Anne drove out of Denver Thursday morning while the blizzard was beginning to get in full swing. God’s hand was on them all the way and I give Him thanks that they made it home safely.

The blizzard hit here early yesterday morning and we went without electricity a couple of times.dsc00307 Today the sun is shining and by the end of next week I doubt we will be able to see any sign of snow.

What an interesting Lent this is becoming. I find myself anticipating Holy Week. I hope we get to attend the Chrism Mass.

“If today you hear His voice harden not your heat.” (Psalms)


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