Today in RCIA we “took a look” at ourselves and tried see what things in our life are keeping us from coming closer to Christ.

We are using the Journey of Faith RCIA material from Ligori Publications. I am getting quite a bit out of these materials. Our lesson today said one “level of guilt comes from violating standards of action that I have made my own or may even have invented.” (Journey of Faith)  The author then referred to this as “Shoul-itis”. Where I always think I should do this or that, but it is really impossible to do it all. I then feel guilty.

“Should-itis” really struck a cord with me. Throughout my life I have set some lofty “shoulds” is my spiritual life. Much of the time it has come from reading what others (usually saints) have done and thinking that I also had to do it that way.

The rest of Lent I am going to try and reevaluate the time that I am giving to God. Maybe all of these tasks that I have given myself are not helping me much and in fact making me feel guilty.

After all what does God want of me? How can I best rest in Him?


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