Monday Nitro meet the Tuesday Misfits

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 5 Issue No 5 Date Jun. 28, 06


dsc00067Last week Mike called me and asked if I would be in charge of Nitro because he was going to be in Mexico on a mission trip. I said I would and immediately started panicking about what I would do with 30 or so teenagers for an hour and half on Monday night.


I was at Church when Mike called. Teague and I were going to Mass and Adoration. We were preparing for the celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is the name of our church, and it is also a popular devotion among Catholics. The heart is a symbol and sign of love and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a devotion to the love of Jesus and trying to bring ourselves to a place where we too can love as Jesus loved.


During Mass the idea came to me that it would be great if the men I meet with on Tuesday morning would come to Nitro. I could hardly think of anything else. As I got on the phone and made my rounds around town every one of the guys were more than willing to come to Nitro. I was greatly blessed just by the willingness of each one to share there time and themselves with the Nitro kids.


It was very interesting to see the reaction of the kids and the adults as they showed up at the old convenience store turned youth building. The men and their wives were a little nervous and sought the safety of each other as they visited. The kids were wondering who all these “old” people were and what they were going to do.


The kids shared themselves with the adults. We played a silly game or two, sang, prayed, and read scripture. The men came up and answered some questions. They basically shared memories, struggles, and their thankfulness. The kids were so still and concentrating on every word. The Holy Spirit seemed to be working through everyone. The men allowed the kids to pray for them, and as the kids went from man to man and touched them with maybe a hand and a prayer either spoken or silent, I am confident that the men were also touched by the hand of God.


Monday night we were in His presence, and Tuesday morning as a bunch of sleepy eyed men gathered to pray, hear God’s Word, and share, we rejoiced and gave thanks to God for the time we experienced in Him.


When we got home after Nitro Leigh Anne asked, “Do you think they will come back?”


I hope so.


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