The Challenges We Face

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 26       Date Nov. 8, 0

[Ed note: Ryan wrote about this experience in his freshman year of college. Phones that ring in the middle of the night are a parenting nightmare.]

copy-of-krista1-022Since I have been at college there have not been many challenges that have come along that I was not ready for. All my classes are going great. I am not making straight A’s, but I am doing ok.  My roommate is good, and I have really been having fun. The reality that I have left home, and am now out on my own, has been going well until last night.

I was leaving the Tech football game last night and was involved in a wreck. It was nobody’s fault. It was just one of those times when someone stops at a light and everyone slams on the breaks until someone (me) wrecks into the person in front of him.  The first thing that I remember thinking was, oh no! Are all my passengers ok?  Thankfully, by the grace of God, they were. The next thing I knew, I was getting scared. I have never been in a wreck before, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know the guy I hit, and my truck is wrecked.

The cops show up and I was still not feeling very well, like a big knot was in my stomach. Then Reid tells the cops, “Well this would be a lot worse if we hadn’t just whipped A&M butt.”  It put a smile on my face, and from then on I was ok. I started to realize how much I appreciate my friends and family. I remember standing there thinking, I wish my dad was here so he could come and take care of all this mess.

As I look back on yesterday night I have come to some realizations that I did not know before the wreck. Thank God that no one was injured, that my brother and my friends will be there for me no matter what, and that my parents cannot help me like they could, and I am going to have to fix this myself. I also have not been reading my bible daily, and have not been giving myself fully to God.

Through this entire ordeal God has taught me that bad things sometimes happen, but don’t lose faith because everything is going to be OK. And you know what, I am going to make it in the real word with help from God, Friends, and my parents who will always be there on the other end of the telephone line.



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