Christ in the Music

A couple of days ago the opportunity to go to a Trans- Siberian Orchestra concert was given to me. I had heard about their concerts before and how good they were so…I jumped at the chance.

We were walking in as the first song was playing and found our seats very close to the stage. I sat down and began to take it all in.

The men were all dressed in black tuxedo coats with tails and the women in black dresses. The band had the usual guitar and drums, but there was also violins and a string section.

This concert also had a narrator. The story was a Christmas theme and Jesus, God, Mary, and angels were all mentioned. The music was a combination of rock, opera, and symphony all rolled into Christmas carols. In front of me was a young boy of about 7 years and a couple in their sixties. The crowd was very diverse and everyone seemed to enjoy the show. There were quiet a few special effects like lights, lasers, fire, and even snow.

As I sat and watched I couldn’t help but think of God and how He seemed to be in the music, and as the show closed I heard the band leader say his last words…

“God bless you”


About dwinger

Former farmer, now college instructor
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