Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 23       Date Aug. 16, 05



This past weekend Teague and I experienced Retrouvaille. Retrouvaille, pronounced

Re-tro-vi¢ with long o and long i, is a French word meaning rediscovery. It is clear to me that our marriage has indeed experienced rediscovery. Teague and I decided that we would both try and share our thoughts and feelings about the weekend, and so ladies first…


Call Mary


It is my desire to listen and respond to promptings from the Holy Spirit. I have been blessed many times when I step out in faith to those things that I feel lead to do even though they may not make sense.


I remember a sermon Fr. Guillermo gave once that encouraged attendance at mass while on vacation. He asked that we bring him a bulletin each time we attended a church that was not our own. The reason for this was two-fold; to bolster his push to go, and to give him ideas for the production of our own bulletin. I have tried to honor his request.


I was reading one of the bulletins I picked up during vacation and an advertisement for Retrouvaille caught my attention. Most advertisements that I have seen previously for Retrouvaille mention that it is a retreat for couples with serious issues bordering on separation, divorce or post-divorce. This one did not. The very next weekend, our church bulletin had the usual Retrouvaille blurb. On a whim, I called the contract person to get the low down. I explained to MARY that Davin and I had a good marriage and separation/divorce wasn’t something we were facing, but we had issues that I thought needed addressing. She reassured me that even good marriages would benefit from the weekend and, would I be interested in signing up? I told her that I needed to get Davin on board first, and I was pretty sure he wouldn’t think we were good candidates. She asked me to check out their website,, which I had. I explained to her that the website was good, but still gave me the impression that it was for problem marriages. Could she send me some written information? I gave her my address and she mailed it that day. It is an understatement to say that I do not like retreats, but I felt compelled to go. When I broached the subject with Davin, he responded as I expected he would. He had serious doubts that this was something for us. I told him to call Mary, just as I did, and settle his objections with her.


We attended Retrouvaille this past weekend. I was so anxious when we got there, I could not get out of the car. I wanted to turn around and go home. I must be crazy to think we needed this! I must say that it was the best money we have spent on anything in a long time, and I consider it a grand inheritance for my children. Search your heart and, if the Holy Spirit is prompting you, call Mary. You’ll be glad you did.


And Now Here’s Davin


I too had been noticing the blurbs in our bulletin, but really didn’t think we were candidates for the Retrouvaille weekend, but I knew that our marriage needed something. You see, I have hurt Teague deeply during our marriage. We have been to different types of marriage “help” programs and they have each helped in their own way. I am fully convinced that our marriage would have fallen apart had it not been for Jesus Christ and His saving Grace. One of the ways that I have hurt Teague is by not listening to her. When Teague first mentioned going on this weekend my first instinct was to say, “That is not for us, and we have other things that we need to do.” (Reid had a football scrimmage.) Teague did hear my first instinct, but praise God I stopped and listened again. Suddenly I realized that this was important to Teague and we should seriously consider going. I called Mary, asked my questions and signed us up.


Marriages are hard work. I remember hearing such things on the Engaged Encounter we attended before our marriage, but being young and stupid I didn’t think it applied to me. We all need help in our marriages (if you don’t believe me just look at the divorce rate). Anyone reading this who is married, separated, divorced, young, or old is a good candidate for Retrouvaille. Please consider giving this beautiful gift to your spouse. If you are afraid to ask them, just print this email out and leave it for them to read. Pray about it, ask God for the strength to go. Because it does take strength to go, Satan and the world don’t want strong marriages because then children are protected from evil. Destroy the marriage and the protectors and their lambs are ripe for the slaughter. We must save our families.


“For I hate divorce says the Lord, the God of Israel…” Malachi 2:16


“Turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Lest I come and strike the land with doom.” Malachi 3:24


Men, be courageous and strong and the warrior God made you to be. Ask your wife to go to Retrouvaille. She will love you for it.



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