You Just Never Know

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 22       Date Aug. 11, 05



She walked up to Frank and I and gave us both a hug and told us thanks and how much she was going to miss us. We hugged her back and said goodbye. Frank and I looked at each other. We were both dumbfounded. Frank even gave his shoulders a big shrug. I looked at him and said, “You just never know what your doing Frank.”


We were at Nitro and the girl hugging us was Megan. She had been tagging along to Nitro with a couple of friends she was staying with during the summer. I hadn’t talked to her but a handful of times and basically never said more than hi. The one time I had tried to engage her she was kind of shy and didn’t seem to want to talk. I can respect that, and from then on I tried to give her, her own space.


It was easy to tell God had touched her.


I got a call this afternoon from Mike. He had just gotten a call from the family Megan was staying with. She wanted to be baptized, and they were going to baptize her in the swimming pool this evening, and had invited us to come.


Mike, Frank, Lucy, and I took a drive to this house in the country. We found ourselves about an hour early. We were waiting on Megan’s father to come. As we sat in the living room visiting we were blessed to hear how God had been working in their lives. What strong faith they seemed to have!


When everyone had arrived we walked outside. The clouds were rolling in with a bolt of lightening or two mixed in and there was a gentle breeze blowing as evening was descending on the Texas Panhandle. Megan was baptized in the swimming pool, and then she said, “Now I am going to swim.” She is a teenage girl, and her faith seemed to me like that of a child.


I have a feeling that Megan is going back to a hard situation, and she will need the strength of God more than ever. If you have a moment please pray for her.


You just never know what He’s going to do.



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Former farmer, now college instructor
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