Hands & Feet

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 4 Issue No 21 Date Jul. 27, 05

Cancer, the word alone stills the heart. Is there anyone this dreaded disease hasn’t touched in one way or another? The cure is hell in itself. We must poison and come close to killing our body to try and kill the cancer, and it is never a sure thing.

Camp Alphie is for children ages 7-14 who have suffered the cruelty that cancer brings. They come and hang out with each other and some even bring a brother or a sister because with cancer there are no spectators, all are affected not just the one who is sick.

My friend, Mike was given the honor and task of taking a group to minister to the children of Camp Alphie. The group was 12 high school age kids of high Christian character along with four adults. What do you say to a small child who has experienced the hell of cancer? What were we to do? How were we to act?

As we walked into the group they had just finished eating a great supper of steak cooked chuck wagon style. The kids had been swimming and having things such as shaving cream fights all day. I sat down and started talking to a few of the kids and adult counselors. We were being checked out. I am sure they were wondering who are these people in purple shirts? Ryan and I had talked earlier how we were going to act with these kids. We both decided to try and be normal as possible. Some in our group are naturals at making friends cold turkey and making strangers into instant friends. Some like Ryan and I are stretched in such areas.

As our program began, we played goofy games, sang, performed skits, played and danced, and ate ice cream. Our objective and prayer from the beginning was to bring the love of Jesus to the children of Camp Alphie. I was truly blessed as I watched our 12 high schoolers leave there needs behind and enter into a word of hurt and pain. They left their pride behind and got silly and fun, and laughed and played with kids that have had some of their childhood taken away. Fun and laughter was had by all and it was clear to me that the love of Jesus had filled this place.

After the children had left and the team gathered around, Mike asked if anyone had anything to share. One boy declared, “Kids with cancer rock!”

We go back this evening. Could you please say a prayer for the kids and counselors of Camp Alphie, and maybe for us too?

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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One Response to Hands & Feet

  1. Scott says:

    Wonderful story. My prayers certainly go out for these kids.

    Congradulations, yoou have put a smile on your heavenly father’s face.

    Thankk you so much.


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