Ryan & Kyle

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 20      Date Jul. 20, 05




nitrobarbara52608-014They are not Laurel and Hardy, and I wouldn’t call them the odd couple, but Ryan and Kyle are certainly a pair. Ryan is our oldest child. He will 19 next month. He is enrolled at Texas Tech University and plans on majoring in mechanical engineering. He loves to read and is a little on the quiet side. Ryan is athletic and playing football was something he loved to do in high school.


Kyle is our next-door neighbor. He moved here when he and Ryan were starting the 7th grade. Kyle has a great smile and laugh. He talks quite a bit and asks lots of questions. School and reading are hard for Kyle. It is hard for him to focus and concentrate on anything like reading or solving math problems. Kyle is mentally challenged, but it is not hard to feel the love and joy that spring from his heart. He won’t be heading to college like a lot of his friends, instead he will be staying in Gruver and working in the family business.


Kyle and Ryan seemed to hit it off from the start. I am sure they had their squabbles and wrestled around a bit, but you could tell they enjoyed each other’s company. Ryan seemed to always go by and get Kyle to walk with him to school and later ride with him. I don’t know exactly why but it seems Kyle can listen and understand Ryan better than some others. Ryan is always dragging Kyle along to help him so something. (From working cattle to putting together and carrying Teague’s new furniture.)


It seems to me there is agape type of love between Kyle and Ryan. You know that I love you and trust you no matter what kind of love.


Recently, I asked Ryan what gave him joy. He told me he had been thinking about it for a good bit and then replied that working and hanging around with Kyle gave him great joy. I was surprised by his reply, but it is easy for me to see the joy they share with each other.


“Love you neighbor as yourself.” Jesus said this was the 2nd greatest commandment. As I see the comings and goings of Kyle and Ryan between our two houses, I see that played out literally, and joy is being spread all around. Why I believe the whole block is getting blessed.


Thank you Lord for my son Ryan, and his friend Kyle.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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