Dress Shoppin, Hay Haulin, & Graduation

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 19       Date Jun. 1, 05



The couple of weeks have flown by like a whirlwind. I will try and give you a taste.


When it comes to teenage girls, I haven’t got a clue. Leigh Anne had the honor of helping with the eighth grade graduation ceremony. I had heard her mother talk about her needing a dress, and hoped one of her cousins would work. After trying on dresses and coming to the conclusion that none were “right”, I asked why Leigh Anne couldn’t wear the pretty outfit she had worn all year long. I couldn’t believe the beast my daughter turned into. She would rather die than wear “that outfit”. Teague later informed me that she understood how Leigh Anne felt, and that she needed something different to wear for the graduation. We decided that I would get Leigh Anne out of school at noon the next day and go dress shopping. The afternoon was fun. We started with a good lunch because I certainly didn’t want to shop on an empty stomach. When we got back in the car, I asked Leigh Anne where to go. I then informed her that I had no clue about fashion, and wouldn’t be judging such things. My main job was to judge modesty, and when she tried on a dress that would be all I was looking at, and would give simple thumbs up or down. The first dress she put on was a no brainer thumbs down (the neckline was way to low.) As Leigh Anne looked for dresses, I had a seat and played games on my phone. I was surprised that after just two stores and about a half dozen dresses she came out with one that I thought was fine, and I might add I thought it looked beautiful on her. She decided on that one even though I offered to look at other places. We then started the shoe hunt, which I found is just as hard as dress shoppin.


Reid asked if he could take a job hauling hay. I told him sure but before he started he had to help Ryan fix a plow that we were going to need. Reid was excited about this job. It was going to build his muscles, and make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Well… things didn’t turn out quite as planned. The first day the crew worked until 2:00Am. Needless to say Reid was tired when I woke him for Church the next day. Reid and the hay haulers worked until about midnight for the next 3 days. School in the morning and working late into the night was wearing on Reid. I couldn’t help but grin at Reid’s fatigue, but I was proud that the boys were sticking to the hard job they had been given. Nothing makes a teenage boy prouder than working hard and going through adversity. I could see the confidence and self esteem building in all the hay haulers. They had went through a small “fire” together, and their lives were better for it.


Ryan graduated from high school last week. The gifts he has received has been somewhat overwhelming. He spent most of last week playing and enjoying this time in his life. He seems happy and ready for the next stage in his life. Teague and I both seem not to upset, but more at peace. The day after graduation Ryan received a call that could change all of his summer plans. Instead of staying here the summer and working, he would be gone. All of a sudden, his leaving the house became more real to me than ever, and the peace I had wasn’t quite as peaceful as it was the night before. Although I am tempted to tell Ryan what I think he should do, the only thing I have told him is to be sure and pray and ask God for help in his decision. I am sure that God can give him better advice than me. I just hope that I can trust in God and not myself and my feelings.


Last night, Teague and I found ourselves home alone. (The kids are with my Mom and Dad on a trip to the lake for a few days.) We grilled steak and shrimp and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. We spent most of the evening reading and the house was awfully quiet. It was a nice calm after a couple of whirlwind weeks.


We both decided we missed the kids.


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