We’re going to Church

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 18       Date May. 18, 05


In the first years of our marriage Teague and I made a couple of feeble attempts to go to church. We soon stopped, and only went on a few special occasions. After Ryan was born, we both agreed that it was important and started going back. At first all we did was go to the church service, and later we started attending Sunday school.


As years passed by, I felt convicted that we should become more involved in the church and that we should be attending all of the other services that were offered. That mainly meant also attending on Sunday and Wednesday evening. Teague was somewhat reluctant, but agreed on one stipulation, and that was we were going to be committed, and that church was going to be our first pri0rity. She further stated that if she couldn’t go for some reason that I would be responsible for getting the kids ready and making sure we were at church.  Deep inside, I didn’t much like this stipulation, but on deeper inside I knew that what she was saying was right, and it was the best thing to do for us and our family.


It didn’t take long for the test and the opposition to appear. All sorts of things, from work to TV shows, started to creep in and try and give us a good excuse for not going to church. But, since we were both committed when one of us started to weaken the other would pull up the slack. When the kids were younger, they liked going to church and were more or less easy to get ready and go. As they have come into their teenage years, this attitude also has passed. They are very good at dragging their feet, and asking, “Why do we have to go to church?” Of course they already know the answer, but being teenagers they just want to try you a bit. It’s a good test for me to see if I can act Christ like to my own family while we are on our way to church on Sunday morning.


It’s not hard to look around and see families where both spouses haven’t made the commitment Teague and I have. For the most part, the men in these families have dropped the ball. Oh, we might attend church, but we men have put the burden of getting everyone ready and making the commitment to go on our wives. The burden even becomes heavier when the kids get older and start to question “Why”. It’s not because “we” think it’s important for our family, but because “mom” thinks it’s important, and so let’s go to please her. The kids love to divide and conquer their mom and dad.


I believe as a man it is much harder to commit to being a spiritual leader in our families than it is to stay home on Sunday. God calls us to help lead our families to Him. Not a General Patton style leadership, but a Jesus Christ style servant leadership where we sacrifice our self and our wants and desires for the good of our family. They might not act like they like it, but I certainly believe our wives and children would love and respect us if we men were to stand up and say, “We’re going to Church.”


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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