Spring Has Sprung

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 16       Date Apr. 28, 05




Whew! It has been a fast and furious couple of weeks. This is a busy time of the year on the farm. For the last couple of weeks, I have been taking my lunch to the field and staying all day trying to get everything ready to plant corn. The sun even cooperates this time of year because it stays out longer, and we can get more work done. I am blessed because all three of our children are good workers and help out after school and on Saturdays. Ryan has the time to help the most. He usually shows up about 3:30 and works until it is about dark. Last night he said he was ready to get finished so we can quit working so long and late.


One thing my Dad taught me about farming is there are certain times when a person must work hard and get things done. Planting time is one of those times. Planting is one of the most critical things you can do. If the crop doesn’t get planted right, the chances of having a good crop are poor indeed. I always feel a sense of relief when the crop is planted and growing.


Have you ever noticed the color green? Singer and songwriter, Rich Mullins, has a song called the color green. In it he talks about how God made the color green and how beautiful that color is. Rich lived in Kansas and saw the color green of the wheat fields there. I have to agree that the color is so “right” for the wheat fields as they grow in the spring. The other evening I got off the tractor at dusk. My ears had been filled with the sound of a John Deere diesel engine running all day, and sounds of a radio that tells me something about the world outside of the tractor. As I stepped off the tractor the world was still. The wind was calm and the sun had set, and the light had a soft feel to it. The wheat was standing straight up and seemed to be growing before my eyes. The wheat and the earth around me seemed to be resting from the day, and I too was going to my rest. Peace was present. Dawn and dusk are both times like this. The earth is awakening from its sleep, and the earth is starting to rest from the day.


All around the creation is announcing the greatness of the Creator, and I am blessed I get to be right in the middle of it surrounded by the color He made, the color green.

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Former farmer, now college instructor
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One Response to Spring Has Sprung

  1. Very nice sentiments. That’s a beautiful time of year…

    …unfortunately, we just had our first snow today. So it’s like rubbing it in. Thanks. 😉

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