Publisher: dwinger   Volume No. 4   Issue No 15   Date Apr. 20, 05
Seventeen years ago today, Reid was born. He has grown quite a bit since his first day here on earth. (6’3″, 250 lbs.) As a baby, he took a lot in. He is always noticing things I never see, like animals and plants or changes in the surroundings. I can remember him sitting in his baby seat and watching all that happened around him, and he still does. Reid depends on his older brother and has learned quite a bit from Ryan’s mistakes. Reid is very insightful and seems to see the inside of a person and not just the outside. He can be very sensitive towards others and more compassionate than his dad.

God has gifted Reid with a keen intellect and a quick wit. I have an appreciation for both. He seems to have many friends. I was watching him throw discuss at a track meet recently. We were sitting by a fence waiting for his turn to throw and all these kids from other towns are walking by and saying hi. Many of them were of the female persuasion. That certainly made dad sit up a little, and made the track meet not near as dull.

One of the ways Reid expresses his love is by hugging and touching. It is quite the sight to see Reid sitting in the chair with his arm around his mother, or towering over her with a great big hug. When he was a baby, I would carry him to lay with Teague and they would love and cuddle in the early morning, he still likes to go and lie in bed with his mother at night and visit.

Our house has been louder, messier, and full of joy and laughter, because this gift of Reid which God has sent our way. What a blessing it has been watching him grow right before my eyes for the last seventeen years!

Thank you Father.


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Former farmer, now college instructor
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