Who are we?

Today Leigh Anne is our Mary Mail author. 

 Publisher: dwinger         Volume No. 6          Issue   No. 8    Sep. 9, 08


To call someone a stranger in our world today is a cry that I am “missing some aspect of myself…” (135).  One can look into the eyes of another and call him a heathen because he is strange, but until one looks into the mirror he will never come to the realization that the one he called heathen is his brother.  We may spend our whole lives trying to diminish our “brother” because we cannot stand for equality.  It is also a concept of self acceptance.  By looking into the mirror and justifying with one’s self the realization that everyone is strange is to some a horrifying concept.  Before one can accept a stranger as a brother one first must accept himself.  We deprive ourselves from equality, brotherhood, and a friendly relationship between the common man.  Today perfection is desired with such avarice due to its eminence among the world.  No more does the man striving for perfection stop to help the stranger he meets along the way.  Although, is it really perfection that one wants in the world today, or is it something much deeper?  Is the human race living a lie to achieve something that is intangible?  Are we lying to our fellow peoples as well as ourselves?  To try and change is to lie to yourself, but to find out what is missing in one’s life takes the character of St. Paul, the determination of a single mother, the discipline of a Navy seal, the strength of a Spartan, and the love of small child.  Much of the time one may feel like one of the fireflies Updike described in his story.  We may make ourselves “easy to catch” (1085) for many reasons.  In a romantic sense one would of course want to be caught by the love he desires.  Another would want to be caught by a loving father who is playing with his daughter throwing her up in the air then catching her before she falls to the ground.  In Moving Along, Updike goes into various details of the paintings as if he might be looking at them in reality.  In the paintings there are many objects and happenings.  Updike describes them all in a specific manner; yet not forgetting even the painting’s backgrounds throughout the description.  The various subjects that he specifically goes into detail about never fades the reader away from the title of his story.  Every thing he speaks of revolves back into the title of Moving Along.  Sometimes we ourselves get stuck in the rut of not wanting to move along.  We stay satisfied with how we are.  Moving along is a big step and a baby step simultaneously for most people.  It is hard to move along from death, grief, resentment, and many other things that affect our daily lives as humans.  We are although given the gift, or curse of free will.  To move along is the decision of one’s self.  No other person on the face of the earth dead or alive can decide that.  So if we decide who we are and who we are going to be; we can be caught in a drift of the fire of a burning love and move along from who we were to who we can become.


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