Chrism Mass

Publisher: dwinger      Volume No.  4      Issue No 11       Date Mar. 23, 05



The singing from the choir is heavenly. The cathedral (which happens to be in the poor part of town) is standing room only. People of all race and social standing are present.  I look around and in the building are white, black, Hispanic and Asian. Nuns in their habits are all over the place. It is quiet; the people are gathered in prayer and reflection.


The choir leads us in song and the procession begins. Men in white begin marching in two by two. Beginning with servers, Deacon candidates, Deacons, and then come the Priests, (every priest of the Diocese of Amarillo has come to this place) all are followed by Bishop Yanta, the Shepherd of the Diocese of Amarillo. It is truly an awesome site to behold and to be a part of.


Teague and I are at the Chrism Mass; our friends Buster and Krista have invited us to come with them, and I am so glad we did. The hundred-mile drive seemed to go by fast as we visited about all the things close friends talk about. We talk about things that are currently happening in our lives, but we also have a chance to remember stories from the past and have a laugh with each other. Being with friends is fun.


The Chrism Mass happens once a year during Holy Week. The oils used for anointing the sick, catechumen, and the Chrism oil (used at baptism, confirmation, and Holy orders) are blessed and then taken out to the various parishes in the diocese. Also during this Mass the priests of the diocese renew their commitment to priestly service. What an encouragement it was to me to see these men (so many) who have given themselves to the service to God stand before the people and the bishop and renew their pledge to follow Jesus and to work under the authority of the bishop. What a blessing it was to see the many women of God. Who have given their lives to the service of Jesus, and use their gifts to the utmost to serve Him (some spend much of their time in prayer.)


The Passion Week has begun. Last Sunday we remembered the triumphal entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem as the people sang and placed palms before him. Thursday, we will remember the Last Supper and the servant hood of Jesus as He washed the feet of the disciples. Friday we will fast and remember His death, and the cross on which He died. Saturday we will wait… that night the vigil will begin as we look back on the history of God and the Church in the readings. We will renew our baptismal vows and remember our own baptism. Those who desire to put on the name of Christ and be a part of His Body will be received into the Church. Sunday, we will celebrate His resurrection!


“and if Christ has not been raised, your faith is in vain; you are still in your sins.”

1 Cor. 15:17


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