Publisher: twinger      Volume No.  3      Issue No 20      Date October 4, 2006




I attended the funeral of Pauline Winger today. For some time now, I have been thinking about legacies and how they affect each of our lives. Jori (great-grandson) and Mike (grandson) preached grandmother’s funeral, and were a living testimony to her legacy. She would have been proud to see them leading prayer, and calling out to The Lord for His blessing. Jori talked about how her life was like a fingerprint that touched her family’s minds and hearts in such a way as to leave its unique mark on all of them. He challenged us all to touch others in a Christ-like way as she did.


I will miss Grandmother Winger very much. She was my best friend, and loved me just like I was. I never had to put on airs for her sake. When I was with her I was her priority, and that felt good. She was an inconvenience at times, but it was all worth it because she loved me unconditionally. She had two rose bushes in her yard that she said her mother gave her. When she moved to the manor, with her permission, I dug them up and moved them to my front yard. Without much care, they bloom profusely. They are a daily reminder to me of the blessing she was in my life.


This legacy business is kinda scary when you think about it. My grandmother, Tootie, always placed a napkin around her glass when she drank. You never saw her holding a glass that it didn’t have a napkin around it. She never instructed nor insisted that I do this, but I am just like her in this way. That’s the funny thing about legacies; you never know what “print” you are leaving and where it will make its mark.


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One Response to Legacy

  1. Laura (Winger)Lisi says:

    I just wanted to say that we share the same name in a mother. Pauline Winger (middle name Julia) was my Mother’s name. She was a beautiful Mother of 9, and grandmother of 23, and great grandmother of 10. She also was a testimony of her faith. I miss her dearly. She died on March 16th, 2008, which was Palm Sunday.

    Just a note: the date at the top of this page was my Mother’s birthdate. October 4th.

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