God’s Phone Number

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 6 Issue No. 6 Jun. 11, 08

Call to me, and I will answer you; I will tell you things great beyond reach of you knowledge.” Jeremiah 33:3

I have woken up a couple of times this past week at 3:33 AM, and I can’t help but think of God’s Phone number.

A little over a year ago a family member called me, and told me that they had seen the number 333 many different places and especially in a painting. He asked me if I knew if the number had any significance… I didn’t have a clue. I was on the retreat at the time. There were only three of us, and I had been reading about the Transfiguration of Jesus when only 3 of the apostles were present. There seemed to be something about this 333 number.

A week or so later I was riding in the car with my boys. I was telling them about this 333 number. Reid got real serious and said that in the past week or so, he had been awakened at 3:33 in the morning.

My curiosity sent me to the Internet search engine and I found an article talking about God’s phone number being Jeremiah 33:3. I came to find out later that many in our family had a connection with the number 333, and they weren’t at all surprised to hear that it had to do with something spiritual.

I can’t help but wonder…is He trying to call me? Am I listening?

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  1. Wow! Davin, you never cease to amaze me with your posts. I truly believe that God is working through your posts to talk to people…I only hope they are listening.

    I never noticed that about the album cover, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me. Thank you for sharing.

    P.S. I’m so behind…I still haven’t gotten to that Peter Kreeft message you told us about. Hopefully by this weekend (or more likely, this weekend).

  2. That was a very interesting post. I kept thinking about how we say holy three times in the “Holy Holy Holy” and how that stood for perfect holiness in the Jewish language of the time. The Trinity for whom this holiness applies is also important here. I wonder if there could be some kind of connection.

  3. It’s like the old joke that the Pope’s phone number is “Et cum spiri 2-2-0”.

    But that joke is pretty lost these days, since we haven’t used local exchanges in 50 years.

  4. Cindy Allen says:

    I am in the process of defining my web-site and I looked up Jerm. 33:3 to see what was out there. You see I have a history with the numbers 33:3. For years the Lord wakes me up at 3:33 a.m. to speak with me. As hard as it is to put my feet to the floor and leave the comfort of my warm covers, it is always worth it. Just thought I’d give you a heads up. If the Lord is waking you up at 33:3 a.m. He has something important to tell you.

  5. dwinger says:

    A couple of days ago, I woke up again about 3:20. Cindy, I took your advise and got up and sat with God.

    Last night I told the kids at Nitro about this happenstance…

    I woke up at 3:32 this morning…

    Here I am Lord…

  6. derrick says:

    i got a phone call at 3:33 am just last night, from first time that i saw this number i always had this feeling that it was gonna be a signifacant thing, when i first started seeing it i began to try to shy away from it but it sort of found me. i couldnt avoid it anymore when i got the phone call. there was a voice mail at 3:33 am but the caller id was not even there like no one ever called. i cant listen to the message because it was on my dads phone and he doesnt know his password for the voicemail. the number is even begining to come up between me and my girlfriend. is god trying to tell me something? is it good or bad? my grandmother is gonna go through a major surgery soon…could it have anything to do with that? i know im all over the place but im just looking for some answers.

  7. dwinger says:

    Hi derrick,

    The only answer that I can give is that Jesus loves you very much. He also loves your grandmother, dad, girlfriend and all your family.

    God is always trying to draw us closer to Him. I encourage you to seek Him in all things.

  8. this mysterious 3:33 am voicemail that isn’t there has happened to me for 2 mos. now. i got chills reading that it happened to others. i’m kinda scared as i have had a not so good feeling about it.when my phone broke a week ago, i was almost relieved. then last nite, it happened on my husbands.

  9. Becky L. says:

    Wow. I am also researching what God is trying to tell me. About 5 times now I have awaken from a spiritual dream, exactly at 3:33am. Once I even knew what time it was before I looked at the clock. It only happens when I have a spiritual dream. In one of my dreams I am being held captive by satans men . I am laying down unable to move and one of the guys throws a knife in the air to see where in my body it would fall. I call out to God and the knife doesn’t touch me. Then the bad man disappears and someone like an angel comes over me with a blanket of comfort. In all of my dreams Satan is chasing me, trying to hurt me, but God always comes to save me. Before someone brought Jer. 33:3 to my attention, I just knew that God wanted me to get out of bed and pray. But I still feel like there is something else God wants me to do or wants to tell me. ???????

  10. nsaguy says:

    My God!

    What a bunch of sad freaks, i woke up at 6.45 this morning how significant, and the weird thing is i had set my alarm for 6.50. Was god trying to talk to me or just making sure i would not be late for work.
    ps Becky L: I think god is trying to tell you you should do something more usefull with your time, work harder and sleep better, so you don’t wake up at 3.33, and the rest of you just have weak bladders.
    It amazes me how many idiots there are out there with such empty meaningless lives that they will read anything into the slightest ‘event’ such as waking up in the middle of the night.
    Oh by the way god doesn’t have a phone

  11. dwinger says:

    Hi nsaguy,

    Thanks for the comment.

    May God Bless you.


  12. nsaguy says:

    The number 333 is more often associated with satan than god, is mr winger the devil in disguise, are you all unknowingly praying to satan?

    333 is the devils half brother or does it mean god is only half as powerful as the devil?

    .333 is the ratio of stars that were cast down to the Earth in Revelations. If 666 is really the number of the devil, how come .333 were cast down , who followed Satan in the rebellion? Taken together, they add up to a total of .999,
    which is an upside-down .666!

    Thankfully there are only 60 minutes in an hour or i would probably be mysterioulsy woken up every morning at 6.66

  13. dwinger says:

    Father, I lift up nsaguy to You. May his eyes be opened to You and Your eternal Love. Amen

  14. nsaguy says:

    Yes indeed,

    The eternal love of cristianity, the thousands murderd and tortured over the centuries and more recently by your own evil government in the name of christianity would agree i’m sure.
    You Charlatan

    My eyes were opened to him at an early age, i see organized religion for what it really is

  15. nsaguy says:

    “Father, I lift up nsaguy to You. May his eyes be opened to You and Your eternal Love. Amen”

    Is that the best you can come up with?

    If i was a muslim i could declare a Fatwa on you for offering me up to your God.

    Jesus, the white skinned, blue eyed blonde from the middle east…

  16. Becky says:

    Yes…I know I sound like a freak. It is weird I admit and as time has gone by since I last wrote that comment I realized that all God was trying to tell me was to pray. To just spend more time talking to him. However, I would like to say that God has done some amazing things through impressing me to pray. Two miracles were done through God. My mother almost died and God spoke to me, my brother and mother all at the exact same time about what he was going to do and he healed her. Just in time. She was ready to commit suicide and God stopped her and changed her life. There was no explanation for what happened. Also, my young nephew was healed from a disease.

    Also, I HATE religion! There are a lot of religious people out there and weird churches, rules and rituals people feel they need to do or attend. I am not religious at all. I just love God! PEOPLE are the ones who turn people away from God. I know a several people who, at a young age, were forced to attend a church that was not of Gods ways. They read to much into everything and twisted the Bibles words to say what they wanted it to say. I don’t know what your experience was, but I hope that you will realize it was man, not God who turned you against him. If you truly want to know if God, Jesus, is real….ask him to make himself known to you in a way that you can’t doubt him. But please be sincere about it if you decide to ask. He will answer you! Also, don’t listen to what man has to say about God or religion. Read the Bible and decide for yourself what is true and who God is. Start reading in the book of John. I pray you will find answers.

  17. Aimee Cooper says:

    Ok. I’m feeling inspired by reading these posts. I have been awakened at 3:33 am for about 5 years now. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve only really started to seek and discover what God is trying to accomplish with this in the last year. I always knew it was the Lord but never was sure what the meaning or purpose was. I would just get up and pray and sometimes I admit to not getting up at all. What I discovered so far and this is just personally, (I don’t mean to imply that this applies to everyone who is experiencing this) Is God has instilled everyone spiritual gifts. For me, I believe he is calling me to intercede in prayer for specific things, people and places. Maybe HE is raising up an army of prayer warriors for specific purposes. I don’t know for sure. All I can do is suggest that each of you diligently seek what the Lord is trying to accomplish in you by this. HE is trying to get our attention. Best of luck to all of you and may GOD bless you and keep you in the fulness of His Presence.

  18. nsaguy says:

    Becky L,

    That is an excellent post and i agree with almost every word you say. I like that you don’t spew brimstone and fire or imply that if i don’t love god everything i say is inspired by the devil. I also like that you don’t just reply with meaningless platitudes like Mr Winger, the cult leader.
    I respect your understanding of god and religion and if it helps people good for them.
    For me it is more about not believing there is an invisible man in the sky who sees and hears everything, who loves us all but at the same time will, if displeased, send you to an underground cave filled with fire and torture and pain to torment you for all eternity.
    I don’t like that ‘the fear of god’ is used to coerce people into a deeply misogynistic religion and most of all i hate that the catholic church make sure each generation gets baptized into the Jesus cult by telling parent that if their young children die before being christened, they will not be allowed into heaven.

  19. Becky says:

    Thank you for your kind words! Like I said before, I hate it when people try to speak for God in their own words. I exspecially hate it when people say kids or even adults will go to hell because they were not baptized! Yikes. Yes, God wants us to be baptized of our own choice, but not for salvation! It is just a way of saying, yes Lord….I want to change my life and live for you! No one can buy or do an act to get someone into heaven. That is up to them.

    My mom was forced to go to a church that I considered a Cult and that church almost ruined my moms life. She did get out of the cult church, however for years she lived confused from what man taught and what was real about God. She eventually found a good church, one that taught what the Bible said and not what man thought it should say. However, she feared God because of her previous teaching. She saw God as someone who if she messed up would condemn her to hell. This caused a very unstable and unhappy life. She was full of fear, anger, unforgiven, etc. But the one day when she realized for the first time that she was wrong, that day God changed her life! She is a TOTALLY different person. She is not longer depressed, anger and bitter towards life and people from her past. What she realized was God loved her. He reached out to her and touched her, really touched her heart. She realized God shouldn’t be feared, but loved. My mom said she felt God’s love fill her whole body and that is when her healing began.

    Nsaguy…..I am FAR from PERFECT, but one thing I know is that God loves me and that because I believe in him and try my best to love him and others that I have no reason to fear him or fear going to hell….regardless of what I do! I try my best and the Bible clearly says that all you have to do is believe in Jesus, confess him with you mouth and you will be saved. It is not by the work of your hands or the words you speak, but by your heart. God know your heart. That is what he sees. I have done my share of bad things that some people would say, you are going to hell. But I honestly don’t worry about that. I feel God’s love and I know I will someday be with him in Heaven and I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

    Lastly, I want to share something weird that happened to me as a young teenager. I was a very quiet and shy girl. My parents were divorced and we lived on opposite sides of the US so I had no family except for my mom and siblings.
    All of my friends had family night with their grandmas and the same mom and dad and this grieved me. But I NEVER told anyone that I had wished so badly that I had a grandma to go over and play cards with, to cook with, etc.
    One day, during church…an older lady came up to me, a lady who I didn’t know and she barely knew me. She told me she was praying and God gave her a message for me. This is what she said, “God told me that you desire to have a grandma in your life and I would love to be that person.” I almost fell over in shock. No one knew I felt this way. I was only 12 years old.
    I knew that day, God loved me SO much that he knew the desires of my heart and he wanted to fill those desires for me. I have never doubted since that day that God doesn’t hear me or know how I feel. He let me know a long time ago that he knows everything!

    I really hope that you will give God a chance. Ask him to make himself real. God has given me so much happiness and peace. I don’t know how people go through life with out him. Life is hard, and he is there just waiting for us to ask him for help. Nsaguy, Jesus is REAL. I feel him, he speaks to my heart. I hope one day you will experience his love. I have never tried drugs, but God is like a drug. Nothing can ever satisfy you or give you such a high in life as he can. I hope that doesn’t sound to corny.

    Sorry for this book that I just wrote. But I have more uplifting stories about things God has done in my life if you ever want to hear more.

    And also, I can understand how you can have doubts and fears about God because of all that is said about him.

    I hope to hear from you again.


  20. Nsaguy says:

    ‘She eventually found a good church, one that taught what the Bible said and not what man thought it should say.’

    The bible was written by man as interpreted and mistranslated by man – therefore no matter what church you go to, the bible is misrepresented and misinterpreted by the reader.
    You have merely found a church whose misrepresentation you like. I admire your faith but have no desire for it myself. I have no fear of God because i do not believe in any God. I just get annoyed at all the supposedly rational intelligent logical individuals that have been suckered in by the biggest money making scam of all time.
    Thousands of years before the Jesus story was invented, other societies such as the Greeks and Egyptians revered gods, all of these gods, preached, had disciples, died and rose on the third day… the fictitious story called the bible is merely a reworking of these ancient pagan god stories, twisted and turned in order to control people, collect money and concentrate power in the hands of a few, and keep it well away from women. You are correct about God being like a drug, many people feel they cant live without God because they fear hell…the churches greatest lie and weapon. FEAR FEAR FEAR…the same tactic used in the bullshit war on terror, the new christian crusade, to control the masses with fear is the oldest trick in the book and allows the bearer to erode a persons freedom, just like the church and the jesus story, the original war on terrror.

  21. Becky says:

    I am horrible at choosing my words. And I am even more horrible at trying to explain what I mean. Sorry for that.
    Regarding the church my mom found….well, yes…I did like the way the church presented itself. I found it was the closest to what I found the Bible itself says. Yes, God used man to write the Bible, but it was God who gave it to man, who I believe inspired it. I find that there are too many things in the Bible that have come true to the T to disregard it.
    About GOD being like a drug….he is more like a Rx drug. A good drug. Like insulin to people. I have to have him!

    I am not going to try and push him on you. You have made your mind up already and I think if you ever change your mind it will have to be God himself who changes it for you. There are a lot of churches/people who do use the fear tactic and try to make money (greedy), but there are also a lot of real people and good churches out there that just try to show love and how we can be good people and help one another.

    Thank for sharing your thoughts with me. I do respect your beliefs. However, I challenge you to do a study on Jesus based on facts. Try and disprove he is real. There is a book called “The Case for Christ”. It was written by an atheist Journalist who wanted to prove that Jesus wasn’t real. I hope you will read this book.

    Take care Nsaguy and have a wonderful day!!!


  22. Nsaguy says:

    However, I challenge you to do a study on Jesus based on facts.

    That is the beauty of it all, you cant challenge anyone to use facts because there are none…in reply you will be told to have faith. In other words, just believe it!!!! Regardless of the lack of fact. Can you give me one single undisputable fact that prove jesus lived? i think not, because it just requires faith, very convenient
    Again there are similarities with the bogus ‘war on terror’, who use the same ploy as the church and religion in general…no need for facts or proof, just believe us. If you don’t believe you are eith a non-believer or a traitor or unpatriotic….if you are told something often enough you will believe it, Fox News, Bush Administration all use it, it is a technique used for millenia in various guises for various purposes…
    Mr Dwinger has gone very quiet…no words of wisdom ?

  23. Nsaguy says:

    In relation to things in the bible coming true, you can say the same for Nostradamus and a whole plethora of other mystics and prophets….the secret is to make your work ambiguous, vague and full of generalizations. The reader who wants to believe will then read their own meaning into the words and events in their life.

  24. aimee cooper says:

    Please read the Case For Christ by Lee Strobel and then make an informed decision. Please.

  25. Nsaguy says:

    Are you seriously suggesting that i read the testimony and words of a load of christian jesus cult believers in order to find proof?
    You are only emphasizing my own point for me…duh!!!

    Give me concrete evidence….even the great Greek historical writers of history and culture, alive during the times of christ failed to mention him, despite the fact that he was supposedly performing miracles and rising from the dead…perhaps they did not think this was of any importance, or maybe it never happened…
    Lee strobel is just collecting a load of stories from people who have ‘faith’ and using it to prove christs existance…
    I suppose you also think GOD hid dinosaaud bones underground to test our faith??? Or maybe he was exagerating slightly when he said he created heaven and earth

  26. Nsaguy says:

    Read the ‘The Blood and the Holy Grail’ or ‘Chariots of the Gods’ or On the ‘Origin of Species’, broaden your horizons.
    These three books contain FACTS, Lee Strobels book is a work of fiction, like the bible, with not a single fact between the covers.

  27. aimee cooper says:

    WOW. It seems as though you’ve already got it all figured out. Lee Strobel is a journalist who set out to prove that Jesus never existed and that christianity is just a crutch that the weak minded need to feel better about their lives and the world as a whole. What happened along that quest is that he discovered just the opposite. It sounds to me like you are the one in need of an open mind. No matter what you believe or say…. Does not change the FACT that millions of believers have had REAL encounters with THE LIVING GOD CHRIST JESUS. Supernatural encounters that cannot and will not be explained in some text book. Now we can debate those encounters all day long but it does not change the fact that they have happened and will continue to happen.

    Lets examine some things,

    Actually, dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible, and we will prove it by doing the following three things:

    Examining the Bible’s text and the related scientific facts.
    Explaining the accuracy of the Bible.
    Exploring what we are taught in school and through the media.

    The Bible’s Text
    The Bible refers to many the common animals we know today. The list includes lions, wolves, bears, sheep, cattle and dogs along with various kinds of birds, rodents, reptiles, and insects. What is interesting is that this extensive list includes three animals that we no longer recognize. These three are (in the original Hebrew language) tanniyn, b@hemowth (yes, it’s spelled correctly—at least as close as we can get in Roman characters), and livyathan.

    tanniyn is always translated into another word when we write it in English. Tanniyn occurs 28 times in the Bible and is normally translated “dinosaur,” “great creature,” Behemoth and Leviathan are relatively specific creatures, perhaps each was a single kind of animal. Tanniyn is a more general term, and it can be thought of as the original version of the word “dinosaur.” The word “dinosaur” was originally coined in 1841, more than three thousand years after the Bible first referred to “Tanniyn.”

    The Bible described the shape of the earth centuries before people thought that the earth was spherical.

    Isaiah 40:22
    It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,
    And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers,
    Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain,
    And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.
    The word translated “circle” here is the Hebrew word chuwg which is also translated “circuit,” or “compass” (depending on the context). That is, it indicates something spherical, rounded, or arched—not something that is flat or square.

    The book of Isaiah was written sometime between 740 and 680 BC. This is at least 300 years before Aristotle suggested that the earth might be a sphere in this book On the Heavens.

    This brings up an important historical note related to this topic. Many people are aware of the conflict between Galileo and the Roman Catholic Pope, Paul V. After publishing A Dialogue on the Two Principal Systems of the World, Galileo was summoned to Rome, where he was forced to renounce his findings. (At that time, “theologians” of the Roman Catholic Church maintained that the Earth was the center of the universe, and to assert otherwise was deemed heretical.)

    We could not find any place in the Bible that claims that the Earth is flat, or that it is the center of the universe. History shows that this conflict, which took place at the time of the Inquisition, was part of a power struggle. As a result, scientific and biblical knowledge became casualties—an effect we still feel to this day.

    Prophecy is foretelling an event in such detail before it happens so as to necessarily require divine guidance. The Bible is a book containing hundreds of detailed prophecies. There are, for example, well over 60 distinct predictions in regard to our divine Saviour Jesus Christ. Here is a sample of just 10 prophecies that foretold the crucifixion of Christ. Not only were the predictions made 1000 years before Christ came from heaven to earth, but they were made over 500 years before crucifixion was first used anywhere in the world as a form of capital punishment! Crucifixion didn’t exist when the prophecies were made.

    A scientist picked out 48 such prophecies and determined that the probability of one man randomly fulfilling them all is 1 in 10 to the exponent of 157. That is one followed by 157 zeros! Your chances of winning a typical lottery jackpot is about 1 in 108. (100,000,000) Yet, Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies!

    Concerning his birth Prophesied Fulfilled
    1. Born of the seed of woman Gen 3:15 Gal 4:4
    2. Born of a virgin Isa 7:14 Mt 1:18-25
    3. Seed of Abraham Gen 22:18 Mt 1:1
    4. Seed of Isaac Gen 21:12 Lk 3:23+34
    5. Seed of Jacob Num 24:17 Lk 3:34
    6. Seed of David Jer 23:5 Lk 3:31
    7. Tribe of Judah Gen 49:10 Rev 5:5
    8. Family line of Jesse Isa 11:1 Lk 3:32
    9. Born in Bethlehem Mic 5:2 Mt 2:1-6
    10. Herod kills the children Jer 31:15 Mt 2:16-18
    Concerning his nature Prophesied Fulfilled
    11. He pre-existed creation Mic 5:2 1 Pet 1:20
    12. He shall be called Lord Ps 110:1 Acts 2:36
    13. Called Immanuel (God with us) Isa 7:14 Mt 1:22-23
    14. Prophet Deut 18:18-19 Acts 3:18-25
    15. Priest Ps 110:4 Heb 5:5-6
    16. Judge Isa 33:22 Jn 5:22-23
    17. King Ps 2:6 Jn 18:33-37
    18. Anointed by the Spirit Isa 11:2 Mt 3:16-17
    19. His zeal for God Ps 69:9 Jn 2:15-17
    Concerning his ministry Prophesied Fulfilled
    20. Preceded by a messenger Isa 40:3 Mt 3:1-3
    21. To begin in Galilee Isa 9:1-2 Mt 4:12-17
    22. Ministry of Miracles Isa 35:5-6 Mt 9:35;11:4
    23. Teacher of parables Ps 78:1-4 Mt 13:34-35
    24. He was to enter the temple Mal 3:1 Mt 21:10-12
    25. Enter Jerusalem on donkey Zech 9:9 Mt 21:1-7
    26. Stone of stumbling to Jews Isa 28:16; Ps 118:22 1 Pet 2:6-8
    27. Light to Gentiles Isa 49:6 Acts 13:46-48
    The day Jesus was crucified Prophesied Fulfilled
    28. Betrayed by a friend Ps 41:9 Jn 13:18-27
    29. Sold for 30 pieces of silver Zech 11:12 Mt 26:14-15
    30. 30 pieces thrown in Temple Zech 11:13 Mt 27:3-5
    31. 30 pieces buys potters field Zech 11:13 Mt 27:6-10
    32. Forsaken by His disciples Zech 13:7 Mk 14:27+50
    33. Accused by false witnesses Ps 35:11+20-21 Mt 26:59-61
    34. Silent before accusers Isa 53:7 Mt 27:12-14
    35. Wounded and bruised Isa 53:4-6 1 Pet 2:21-25
    36. Beaten and spit upon Isa 50:6 Mt 26:67-68
    37. Mocked Ps 22:6-8 Mt 27:27-31
    38. Fell under the cross Ps 109:24-25 Jn 19:17; Lk23:26
    39. Hands and feet pierced Ps 22:16 Jn 20:24-28
    40. Crucified with thieves Isa 53:12 Mt 27:38
    41. Prayed for enemies Isa 53:12 Lk 23:34
    42. Rejected by His own people Isa 53:3 Jn 19:14-15
    43. Hated without cause Ps 69:4 Jn 15:25
    44. Friends stood aloof Ps 38:11 Lk22:54;23:49
    45. People wag their heads Ps 22:7;109:25 Mt 27:39
    46. People stared at Him Ps 22:17 Lk 23:35
    47. Cloths divided and gambled for Ps 22:18 Jn 19:23-24
    48. Became very thirsty Ps 22:15 Jn 19:28
    49. Gall and vinegar offered Him Ps 69:21 Mt 27:34
    50. His forsaken cry Ps 22:1 Mt 27:46
    51. Committed Himself to God Ps 31:5 Lk 23:46
    52. Bones not broken Ps 34:20 Jn 19:32-36
    53. Heart broken Ps 69:20;22:14 Jn 19:34
    54. His side pierced Zech 12:10 Jn 19:34+37
    55. Darkness over the land Amos 8:9 Lk 23:44-45
    56. Buried in rich man’s tomb Isa 53:9 Mt 27:57-60
    His Resurrection & Ascension Prophesied Fulfilled
    57. Raised from the dead Ps 16:8-11 Acts 2:24-31
    58. Begotten as Son of God Ps 2:7 Acts 13:32-35
    59. Ascended to God Ps 68:18 Eph 2:8-10
    60. Seated beside God Ps 110:1 Heb 1:3+13

    Today, the only way Bible scoffers can explain away this astronomical probability is to discredit the prophecies in one way or another. Their only alternative is to accept that God is the author of the Scriptures. The Bible is a reliable book of genuine divine prophecy. You can trust it!

    The evidence of divine prophecy presented here is just a tiny portion of the proofs available to establish the divine origin of the Bible. Yet, they are more than sufficient to prove the inspiration of the Bible. There will always be men who scoff at the Bible.

    I would reconsider your position… The odds are not on your side.

    Holy Spirit come upon this man NOW! In the name of JESUS CHRIST!!!!

    In Love…….

  28. Nsaguy says:

    First of all the web page you plagiarized (http://www.clarifyingchristianity.com/dinos.shtml) also says: ‘The fact is that dinosaurs were created no more than one day before mankind, not many millions of years earlier—and we have evidence to support that statement.’
    If they are saying that, how can i possibly take it seriously?
    Secondly, the word Dinosaur did not exist at the time of writing, it is a modern translation used to suit the authors needs, and the author is obviously biased.
    It is commonly accepted that ‘tanniyn’ means behemoth or large annimal. This region of the world had at the time an abundance of elephants and hippos, large crocodiles and alligators.
    As for your 60 prophecies, they all refer to events that occurred on a daily basis at the time and could be applied to anyone.
    Crucifixion was the most popular for of punishment, usually those being punished were thieves so chances are, if you were punished, it would be by crucifiction and you would be surrounded by thieves.
    Donkeys were the most common form of travel and bethlehem a centre for learning, im quite sure thousands of travelers and preachers arrived at bethlehen by donkey.
    Most reasonably well off men at the time entered the temple to learn and preach.
    Points 42 – 48 can hardly be called prophecies! How hard is it to prophesize someone will become thirsty or that people will wag their heads and stare at a procession of criminals carrying crosses, get real.
    The majority of other points basically just refer to parts of the crucifiction ritual, nails in the hands and feet, gall and vinegar…all daily events for hundreds of misfortunates.
    His Resurrection & Ascension Prophesied Fulfilled
    57. Raised from the dead Ps 16:8-11 Acts 2:24-31
    58. Begotten as Son of God Ps 2:7 Acts 13:32-35
    59. Ascended to God Ps 68:18 Eph 2:8-10
    60. Seated beside God Ps 110:1 Heb 1:3+13

    Prove the last four points for me and i’ll believe you….maybe.

    As a teacher of religious history i would have expected you to find something a bit more concrete than phrophecies of a man getting thirsty. I’m thirsty now…Also i am surprised you dont know the history of crucifiction which was common 600 years before the bitrth of christ, or maybe the truth is an inconvenience to your explanation.
    It was in use particularly among the Persians, Seleucids, Carthaginians, and Romans from about the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD, when in the year 337 Emperor Constantine I abolished it in his empire, out of veneration for Jesus Christ, the most famous victim of crucifixion.[2][3] It has sometimes been used even in modern times.
    ps. You are perfectly welcome to reconsider your position to but then how could you earn a living…another person getting paid to peddle fantasy, half truths and lies.
    Get your facts straight before you teach historical christianity.

  29. Nsaguy says:

    The Bible described the shape of the earth centuries before people thought that the earth was spherical.

    Isaiah 40:22
    It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,
    And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers,
    Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain,
    And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.
    The word translated “circle” here is the Hebrew word chug which is also translated “circuit,” or “compass” (depending on the context). That is, it indicates something spherical, rounded, or arched—not something that is flat or square.

    By the way, a circuit is usually a circular flat surface, such as a running track, a compass is also generally circular and flat, a coin is circular and flat to say a circuit or compass is not flat is completely incorrect. Another example of how the meaning is in the eye of the translator…the word you are looking for is sphere, not circle.
    The Hebrew word Chug usually means group or club.

    Here are some of my prophecies:

    1. A man will be born to a woman
    2.The man will drive a metal four wheeled chariot
    3.The man will hold in his hand an electronic device which allows communication by means of invisible electromagnetic pulses of energy
    4. A man shall be tried unjustly for a crime he did not commit.
    5. A man will become hungry and seek food
    6. A man will be mocked and booed by a crowd…

    Are these prophecies or probable events in daily life…

  30. Nsaguy says:

    HaHa five days later and no reply…i win…God doesn’t exist and you all know it.
    I guess you will just have to resort to your blind faith…unless some divine inspiration is thrown your way by God to help defend him.
    Aimee, i hope your pupils are good little sheep who have faith and don’t need proof or facts. They better not be too inquisitive or you could find yourself drowning in a sea of questions you can’t answer.
    DWinger, you are full of platitudes and meaningless quotes but no substance and no passion for what you profess to believe in…

    Goodbye, it has been fun.

  31. aimee cooper says:

    Actually, I’ve been quite busy. Living a very full life. You are right about one thing though, It is a matter of right and wrong. One day you WILL stand stand before the LORD and will have to give an account for your life. You will not be able to cry out ignorance in that moment although you will try. Your heart and mind are hardened, when it comes to matters of the spirit. You have brokeness and I don’t know where it comes from, you probably don’t know either. A good suggestion would be to try and find out. I do not and will not, ever claim to have all of the answers. What I DO know is that I have a real relationship with the LIVING GOD. A relationship by definition is not one sided. I ask that you truly seek HIM….. In that quiet still place inside of you that, that truly wants to know and is curious. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and do not be afraid. If you seek, you shall find. It cannot be a half hearted attempt. I will continue to pray you. My testimony and the millions of testimonies around the world are just that. Testifying, being a witness, of personal experiences and witnessing the experiences of others both close and far. Do you really think that everyone is lying or so incompetent, that we aren’t of aware of reality and truth??? I could spend days and days debating with you, but it is wasted energy and time. It only falls upon deaf ears. My prayer is that your eyes and ears WILL be opened. That you will be able to see and hear truth when it is spoken. I do not harbor ill feelings towards you. You are perishing and don’t even know it. It saddens me. It’s like you running towards a brick wall and we’re screaming “HEY, THERE’S A WALL!! HEY, THERE’S A WALL!!! And you SMACK into the wall!

  32. Nsaguy says:

    That is the terrible thing about believers, they are so brainwashed they think pity is required by those who don’t believe. They think non-believers will be sorry on the day of judgment. NON BELIEVERS DON’T BELIEVE IN THE DAY OF JUDGMENT!!! I believe in the power of nature.
    I pity you, like a brainwashed suicide bomber, you believe you must live your life in a certain way in order to live happily ever after in death???
    Think about it logically, live is lived on earth, then you die, decompose and become part of the earth again. Nature is God.
    Like bush and his fundamentalist friends you believe that saying something enough will make people believe it.

    Saddam has weapons of mass desrtruction, osama did it, muslims, we will be attacked by terrorists,Saddam has weapons of mass desrtruction, osama did it, muslims, we will be attacked by terroroists,Saddam has weapons of mass desrtruction, osama did it, muslims, we will be attacked by terrorists.

    I pity you and suicide bombers who die having missed out on life only to realize at the last moment you were conned…
    I will never believe in the cult of the invisible man in the sky watching everyone all the time who created heaven and earth….nor will i ever believe that a priest turns wine and bread into the body and blood of christ…does that not make cristians cannibal vampires?
    Not one single part of your crazy religion makes sense. Why would a god want you to live your whole life in fear of his everwatchfull eye until you die?
    [Edit Mod]
    Mother earth began life and will end life on this planet, not GOD…
    I could spend days and days debating with you, but it is wasted energy and time. It only falls upon brainwashed ears. My prayer is that your eyes and ears WILL be opened. That you will be able to see and hear truth when it is spoken. I do not harbor ill feelings towards you. You are perishing and don’t even know it. It saddens me. It’s like you running towards a brick wall and slamming into again and again to pay for your sins and ensure you get a place in heaven cos it might get crowded up there and you don’t want to be left outside ringing Gods phone asking to get in

  33. aimee cooper says:

    Rather you believe in GOD or the day Day of judgement does not change the fact that God exists and the day of judgement will occur. I don’t live in fear, just the opposite I’M FREE!!!! It’s called grace. The debt has been paid. There is nothing that I could ever do to earn my salvation. It is a gift all you have to do is receive it. Fundamentalists have ruined a lot of peoples perception about what true christianity is and should be. I do not like religion. The pharisees were supposed to be SO holy and yet they were the biggest hypocrites of all. That’s why Jesus got so angry in the temple. It’s obvious to me that you’ve got it all figured out. So I do wish you the best. I really do. “Forgive him GOD, for he knows not what he does.”

  34. michelle says:

    To Nsaguy: I just stumbled upon this site because I was looking for something in particular about the Lord. You, on the other hand, are quite interesting. You don’t believe in Him, yet you find the urge to dicredit something that ‘doesn’t exist’, and you are on a site that should hold no interest for you. That’s ok, you’re just seeking to fill that void that God left open, in hopes one day you would choose Him as He chose you (yes, you in particular). It seems you have quite a grudge against those who don’t follow your way of thinking. You have attacked everyone who has left a comment–very kind comments–to your bitter and angry words. Dwinger ‘went silent’ because he just wanted to leave you with loving words, he didn’t need to defend himself or God. Whether you believe in eternal heaven or hell, it seems you need to forgive yourself and many people who have wronged you.
    But we’ve all been there. God knows it. That’s why He sent His Son, to make a way out. I know it’s hard to believe, the story of your redemption, it is pretty mind-blowing that someone would love you so much that He would die for you. But God’s ways are not our ways and our thoughts are not His thoughts. If He can create the universe and everything in it, then He can show you His love by His own death. Oh yes, you don’t believe He exists…so that takes me back to my first thoughts of your posts…If there is ‘no God’, why do you care what we think and why do you want to argue about it? Nature is God? Then who created nature? Where did everything come from? How in the world was the human body formed? By what? You will find out, sooner or later.
    BTW, you are entirely incorrect about Strobel’s book. It is FILLED w/FACTS, it is NOT a book on faith. Haven’t you heard? There isn’t anyone, be it layman or scientist, that doesn’t believe in a man who walked about doing incredible miracles and preaching love named Yehoshua (Jesus) before the first century. They may not believe He is God, but no one denies he existed and did the things written about Him.
    Well, take care. I know I can speak for everyone here that we pray for your heart to find the love it craves, the only love that will ever be able to fully satisfy. And when you do, you’ll feel a wave of love and peace that you will never be able to explain. It will so fill you up with joy that you will be overwhelmed with unfailing mercy and faithfulness–all from the only One Who can supply it—and He did it for YOU because that is how much He cares for your soul. He knows the anguish of your soul, and He will set you in a safe place and cover you with the shadow of His wings.

  35. hi, you may be interested in my book called “If I gave you God’s phone number… Searching for Spirituality in America” — it’s based on the idea of calling God… you can learn more at http://www.tocallgod.net

    thanks for your good wisdom here…

  36. Efrem says:

    It is one years now since i see such numbers frequentely . I dont know why, when ever i see my watch i see those reptitive noumbers like 111,222, 444, 555. It always amazed me even when i see car plate numbers or something like that, i see those repetetive numbers i see them all the time. So far i couldnt know why. Pleas if it has any patern let me know. I feel like it has meaning but i couldnt figure it out.

  37. Ashley says:

    Efrem, I believe the pattern you are seeing is missing 333 (“God’s phone number” Jeremiah33:3)…In turn you are missing God’s call…He keeps trying to call you but you haven’t heard it. He could be reaching out to you and asking you to pray.

  38. Aaron says:

    I hope Cindy Allen still reads this. I too was able to hear God. I woke up at 3:33 a.m. And heard God speak to me for hours. I knew it was real, and I feel blessed that he chose me to live in the light. I know that anyone who reads this and thinks I am crazy has not found Jesus, and has not opened their heart and become willing. God talks to us only when we are ready to hear him. It was an amazing experience for me. It has only happened once to me, which is why I wanted to talk to Cindy Allen who talks to him all the time. I was given a lot of information through him, and I know somehow I am supposed to spread the light he gave me, but I am still trying to figure out what it is he is calling me to do. God is real, I know this 100% for sure. He spoke to me clear as day. It was very overwhelming and draining, and I almost felt like my physical body was dying until it was over. He showed me the reality of things. I am willing to explain Gods truth as he presented it to me to anyone who wants to hear it, and not just call me crazy. I am serious. Contact me via e-mail if you want to know what he told me. Drinknthink@yahoo.com I think what happened to me is how God saves us, It happens one person at a time.

  39. Chris says:

    I have been getting mysterious voicemails at 3:33 am as well. I called my cell phone company to ask them about it and they thought I was crazy. Well apparently I am not the only one. It is the same story that I have been reading with you guys: at exactly 3:33 am on most nights (but not all), I get a message that I have a new voicemail. No ring, no missed call, just a notification for a new voice message. When I check it, there is no voicemail. Very bizarre for it to even happen once, much less many times over several months.

    I am not particularly religious, I was raised Catholic, but I have to say that I am speechless regarding this phenomena. Maybe it is God trying to talk to me. All I know is, this has been going on for months now, and I have no explanation.

  40. dwinger says:

    I am constantly amazed at the activity this posts draws from the Internet.

    The numbers 333 show up in my searched terms almost daily, as does the phrase “God’s phone number.

    May we all hear when Our Father calls.

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  42. vidya says:

    oh god please give me a job… am suffering a lot without job…. I dont know where to cry… thats y am crying here… beleiving that you will not leave me…. I trust you lord..

  43. Nickie says:

    I will pray for Nsaguy. His pain and emptiness has led him to seek interaction through this site. His attack on Christianity (and those who have found peace, love, and guidance through it) echos as the voice of a truly lost soul. Please continue to be patient with him.

  44. Bob says:

    Umm I woke last night at 3:33 am – Sept 6 – I was agitated and was saying the words “We’re in trouble” when I woke… weird… any thoughts?

    first time I ever thought about the number or experienced the wakeup – astounded at how common it is on the Internet…

  45. BALDEV VERMA says:

    plz. halp me god

  46. Levina says:

    Dear God, please help Kate Jones’s Granddad to get better? Thank you God, Amen. 😥

  47. Bernarr says:

    I just stumbled across this site just by mistake as i was searching for something else. I have a long string of unfortunate events happening to me for a few years now and it has taken me to the point of wanting to kill myself. About a week now, very strangely, the clock on my microwave oven will start writing on its own 3:33 and it jams itself unless i disconnect the electric power. Then a day or 2 will go by and again it writes 3:33. or 3333 no other number. Just felt curious as i read about other people with this 333 situation.
    Don’t know if God is trying to speak to me.

  48. dwinger says:

    I encourage you to pray to God. Ask Him to help you.

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