Praying and Being Prayed For


Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 7 Issue No. 3 Date May. 20, 08


“May these reflections of mine give him pleasure, as much as Yahweh gives me! (Psalms 104: 34)



I went to Nitro last night. I haven’t been there in a while. Some things seem to have changed and some haven’t. There are still plenty of kids that come (mostly the misfit kind), and God has sent a number of adult leaders. These aren’t your normal youth leaders either. There is a granny and a pappy, farmer and housewife, rancher, sprayer, and a youthful looking yankee and wife. They don’t seem particularly comfortable with the kids but they love, love, listen, listen.


Why do these kids keep coming? The music is not great, and the leaders are not dynamic. What keeps them coming? I suppose that there is not just one answer, and I feel God is at the center of them all.


One of the constants that I continually see at Nitro is prayer. I have witnessed children ministering to one another through prayer, and it is a powerful thing.


Last night the adults sat in a chair in the middle of the room, and the kids came by and prayed for us. Most of the time they lay a hand on your shoulder, sometimes there is a grip and a squeeze and other time there is just a light touch.

The effect is the same, powerful…holy…humbling…awkward…gentle…peaceful…sincere and most of all…real.



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Former farmer, now college instructor
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