My Ministry

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 3 Issue No 25 Date Nov. 17, 04

A short while ago I was asked to share my ministry with a group of men. It got me to thinking about what “my ministry” was. Do you have a ministry? I had lots of things I could talk about like the classes I have taught the retreats and rallies I have helped with. As I thought about what I was going to say, I felt that I must start with what I have long considered my “main ministry”.

It has been several years now. Teague and I were attending a marriage conference. During a break I went down to the resource table. I was planning on buying a book that the speakers were recommending called “His Needs Her Needs” when I got down to the table they were sold out so I Picked up a book called “Point Man” and bought it. Needless to say the words in this book spoke deep inside my heart. The jest of the book was that the man was the spiritual leader of his family and is responsible for leading his wife and children in this jungle of life. At this time in my life I was reading my Bible and praying and trying to come closer to God. One thing that struck me was thinking of heaven and my family not being there. You see I became convicted of the fact that it is my responsibility to show the love of Christ to my wife and children. If they don’t know about God and His great works in this world it is my responsibility. I decided that I must become the spiritual leader of my family.

It would have surely been much easier for me to let Teague be the leader. Then I could have done things the way I wanted to. But as I read Jesus’ words about dying to yourself and picking up your cross and following Him. I become convinced life is not about me and what I want.

Things I do

If I was to become the Spiritual leader of my family the first thing I must do is work on my own relationship with God. The only way I knew of doing this was by prayer and reading the Bible. I try and do this every day, and I pray for Teague and the kids along with many other family and friends. One other thing we try and do is read one chapter from the Bible every morning during breakfast before school. I fail at this miserably during the summer, but we seem to keep up pretty well during school. It is amazing how much of the Bible we have read. When the kids were younger they listened attentively and sometimes wanted me to read more. Now they act like it is something they must endure, but they sit and listen. God’s Word can do miraculous things. Besides, I know from my experience with teenagers, when they act like they aren’t listening they usually are. I also try and be the one to get everyone up to go to Church, and not put that off on Teague. There is something very special about a family going to Church together.

Bumps in the Road

I fail at all of these things often, and no one knows better than Teague and the children. They like to try and test me. They often tell me that I am reading too much religious material. They don’t want to get out of bed and go to Church. They gripe and complain that we go to Church too much. They get around slow in the mornings and wait until the last minute to get ready. Sometimes, I think they do it just to see if I will get angry and lose my temper. Many times I would like to holler at them and tell them to hurry up, or get in the car and start honking the horn. That’s when I start praying again for things like peace and patience and not thinking the world is all about me. You see as a father I need to try and be Christ like. He made the world and He died for the world. Really, everything should be all about Jesus.

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