Our Father

Publisher: dwinger Volume No. 3 Issue No 21 Date Oct. 14, 04

The only time I heard the Lord’s Prayer growing up was at a ball game or a large function. I can remember being at a basketball game once at Fritch, and the whole crowd praying the “Lord’s Prayer”. I felt kind of embarrassed because I didn’t know the words and couldn’t pray along with everyone else.

Christmas present Rosary from Papoo Many Christmases ago Papoo gave me a rosary along with a booklet that tells how to pray the rosary. One of the primary prayers of the rosary is the “Our Father” also known to many as the “Lord’s Prayer”. I opened my book and started to pray. I had to read the prayers at first, but after a few repetitions I had them down. I found myself more and more praying the prayer that Jesus used to teach His disciples to pray. It is truly an amazing prayer. Before when I prayed, I usually asked God for things. I am sure God likes for us to ask Him for things, but as I look back my prayer was very “me” centered. As I began to pray the “Our Father” and focus myself on the words and what they were saying (praying not saying), it seems I began to look beyond myself. My prayer was starting to include the whole world and those in Christ’s kingdom.

The first two words of this prayer say it all. You see He is not just my Father, but the Father of all, and we all have the privilege to call Him Father. How awesome is that! The creator of the universe is your Father, and He wants you to call Him Father and have a Father-child relationship with you. He is not just your Father, but also the Father of the world.

One thing cool about the “Lord’s Prayer” is that it doesn’t just belong to the Catholic Church, but to all Christianity. May we all come together and pray to our Father and become one as Jesus and the Father are one.


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One Response to Our Father

  1. Karen says:

    Amen brother!! (raised protestant, worshipped God in the Catholic church for 12 years, now back to my roots but love the catholic faith!)

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